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my question is this, how do you get tested for add? where do you get tested? and which doctor gives you add medicine if you need it?  what is the test like ? do they just ask questions? i know i have it and it would be nice to read a book... thanks pickel
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I am 39 years old and I was only diagnosed a year ago, at the time I was on anti depressants, i would have mood swings and still feel down and I felt that AD were not helping as you should not ned to increase the dose in these, it was the ahppiest day of my life to know that I was not mentally ill and this had a name, some of my problems were that I could not settle, I could not stick to anything, I never lasted in a job more than 6 monthsas I would get bored and restless, I had a short temper was moody, forgot everything, I needed a list to go to the shops for 2 items and then I would still come home with something different and had still forgotten what I was supposed to bring home, bad road rage, short temper, I could not finish anything that I started, would loose interest really quick, could not sit still (sitting through a movie was torture), study was hell as I would loose interest and stare out the window, cut people of talking, avoided social situations like the plaque.  there are also some really good ADD/ADHD sites that have a checklist of common symptoms, I could not beleive it, I ticked every box.  the interesting thing is that ADD is genetic and if you have it one of your parents do.  the medication has made a huge difference to me I take Dexamphetamine (I beleive the similar medication in the US is Aderal), I am settled have actaully been in one job for 9 months, Ihave stopped comfort eating lost 20 kilos and feel like a new person, and I am calm when driving.
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my question is this, how do you get tested for add? Call your doctor and tell them you think you are ADD. They usually have some questionaires they can give you to fill out, then they talk to you and get your symptoms. Then once you are diagnosed they discuss with you what kind of meds are available and what you want to try. It may take more than one to find the one that is right for you, but that is how they started with my girls.
where do you get tested? Your physician or a psychologist will do that for you.

what is the test like ? Usually just a bunch of questions on paper or the doc asks you questions
do they just ask questions?yep for the most part, then sometimes there is more extensive testing, but I dont know exactly how they do it with adults, as the only testing I have witnessed was with my two daughters
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Sorry, I forgot to mention I copied and pasted your questions in then answered them. I hope it helps. I know there could be different or more extensive tests available but we didnt need it with my girls. It made a huge difference when we put them on Concerta. Good luck to you!!
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