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adderall in kids

my son is 8 yrs old and on adderall prozac strattera trazodone and has a overactive thyroid problem and hand tremors should he be on theses meds .                                      

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Well straterra and Methylphenadate (the chemical name for ritalin concerta etc.) are used in conjunction quite frequently so i assume that adderall and staterra could be used together.     all sounds about right.     Trazedone is often used in conjunction with an SSRI  (his prozac), and stimulants (atleast methylphenadate) are often used with stratterra.   But he is on three anti-depressants (straterra prozac and trazodone) and i find that curious.   You may want to ask one of the doctors on this forum about it in the ask a doctor section.   But ill bet its fine.
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