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can I get concerta at a government cliniec
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   The actual medication or the prescription?
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It would be an huge hassle if you do.  I got a doc at a gov clinic to write me a one month prescription for Adderall once because I told him I was out.  He told me that I would never be able to get the Adderall proscription from that clinic again.  He was a general practitioner.  They didn't stock it in their pharmacy either, so I paid out of pocket.

They wouldn't help me at the county mental health either.  They wouldn't even see me after I waited around all day for an appointment.

They all tell you try this place or that place.  None will actually help you.  You'll end up tarring all your hair out with the frustration they put you through.  

At least, that's how it was for me in Los Angeles.  I'm also over 25.  

If you are under 25, or have other psychological issues you may be able to get the proscription.

It depends on three things:
1 your age
2 your location
3 what type of health care program your on (if any)

But generally you can't.  

I've really been through a lot trying to get my Adderall and could give you more advice on how to get them cheap.  

I now pay just under $75 a month for Adderall (Doc appointment and pills)
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