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adhd and hand flapping

hi, i have a almost 7 year old boy. he had been diagnosed with adhd and odd. he had been on meds for a few years now with dramatically improved his behaviour for the better. i have a few concerns. he always flaps his arms. and no matter how much i tell him to stop it is as thoe he connot. why? also he is very intellegent, but when asked a direct question he answers 20 other things and you must re ask the question 20 times. can you help me with my biggest concern the hand flapping
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The arm flapping is a self-stimulating behavior. Talk to your child's behavioral health specialist about that. Sometimes it takes a while to get the right dose of the right med. Unfortunately, the unique chemistry of each individual and their response to a med that is designed to balance chemistry can make medical treatment a bit of a crap shoot. He may need more medication or if he is at the max amount and the desired response is not achieved, another med might be indicated. Hang in there. I feel our pain. I have (2) 7 year olds, one with ADD and the other with ADHD, ODD , OCD, and anxiety.... I am running the gauntlet.
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