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adhd meds and ssri's causing seratonin syndrome?

Sandman I hope you see this. My anxiety is getting worse. I am starting to have low back pain and peeing every 30 minutes. I went to the doctor and they found blood in my urine. So they sent me to do a cat scan to see if I had a kidney stone. Still waiting to see if it comes back with an infection. Anyway i went to the pharmacist to ask them what antibiotics I should take with all my meds. She said something that scared me. She said with the lexapro at 10 mg and the adderall xr at 20 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the afternoon that combo could be causing serotonin syndrome??!! Would I just get that out of nowhere?? I mean i have taken this combo for a while now. I have had some form of anxiety throughout.! I emailed the doc and told him. He said he wasn’t sure without looking at me. Could I have this syndrome when I have had been taking it this long? I mean i have some of the symptoms, but so is anxiety symptoms the same. I suffer from hypochondria really bad so it’s hard to know what is real and what is not?? He did move me to 15 in the morning and 10 at afternoon. The split dose has always worked well. This is just so weird. Any thoughts???
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Well serotonin syndrome won’t cause the urinary problems you are having and that’s your first priority.  Some good meds, few side effects, to treat bladder spasms till they figure out what’s going on.  

I would be surprised if serotonin syndrome was a problem.  Keep in touch ...let me know what they find.  Good luck.
Great thank you. I am going go start journaling all this and see what my physc says. Thank you for always answering me
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Oh by the way low back pain can be your kidneys talking to you.  If it’s mainly on one side, that’s the kidney having problems
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   Go to the above site...probably the best info you can find.  Also read the comments below the articleles
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