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Does my son have ADHD?
i am very concerned about my sons progress at school, he is 6 years old. Since he has been a baby he has rocked against the arm of furniture. When he strated school his behaviour wasnt brilliant but since hes begun year 1 he is constantly rocking against tables, disturbing others in the process, he cant go from A to B without diverting else where, he stares into space, fidgets and walks around when sitting still and is very hyperactive. we have seen a peadetrician but she says hes fine for his age but school are very concerned as he is struggling and needs alot of prevention. Please help!
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Who is more important the teachers or your child? When they entered this profession they were not guaranteed perfect, angelic students. Your little boy is only six. Give him a chance to grow up naturally. If you knew the downside of the drugs you are thinking of giving him, it would never enter your head to use them. They are similar to speed or cocaine. Listen to your wise pediatrician and tell the teachers to go fly a kite..
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Is there anything that you could have in the classroom to help him move while not being disruptive?  My son is a mover too and needs to do it to stay focased.  They make these air seat cushions that a child can sit on and wiggle in their seat without getting up.  My sons school provides them.  All kids are very different in the classroom and perhaps they can make some small accomodations to make him more comfortable and less disruptive.  Then everyone is happy.  Perhaps some small breaks for him to do wall push ups or jumping jacks (and she can pick another child to do it to so he doesn't feel singled out) or some group activities that involve movement for the whole class would help him.  If the school has a counselor, I'd consult with them and see what other strategies they could come up with for the classroom.  

I would try to approach his teacher as if you two are a team.  That is not to say that you have to believe everything she/he says or do as they ask.  But working together is the best chance for your son to have a good school experience.  Volunteer in the class if possible and see for yourself what is going on there.  He is still young at 6 and kids are all different.  If the problem persists, I would look into ADD/ADHD but also other things that could cause this behavior such as sensory integration disorder.
Good luck.
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  All doctors have specialties.  Sometimes Pediatricians are not the best ones to see for things like ADHD.  For  your peace of mind, you might want to check out a good child psychologist.
  Also read specialmoms post on Oct 6 at 9:04 about her own child.  You might find it helpful.         http://www.medhelp.org/posts/ADD---ADHD/Please-tell-me-whats-wrong/show/1070359?post_id=post_4949276
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Unfortunately it is the psychologists who are quickest to prescribe drugs for ADD. These drugs are very dangerous and the long-term effect is not fully known. I had a very lively daughter who could not sit still in class. I resisted intervention. There was nothing wrong with her. You have to look at the whole child, not just the child in a school setting. As it happened my daughter hated school. She found it boring and looked for ways to liven it up. She is now grown up and is eternally grateful that I stood by her. I am grateful to have her.
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    If the psychologist isn't going to prescribe medication for ADHD - then who do you suggest?  By the way, parents are not going to go running to a psyc unless they feel that something is going wrong with their child.  Chances are - by this point- there is.  Which is why many prescriptions are written.  I think (and hope)  that now that more information about working with ADHD is out there, other means of dealing with the problem beside medication is tried.  However, for the most seriously affected child, there is not much that can be done behavior wise until you can get the kid to slow down enough for other methods to work.
  The drugs have been prescribed since the 70's so there is definitely some degree of long term effects that have been studied.
  I am very happy that things worked out for your daughter, many kids are not so lucky.
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Please read the post I made and look into other things that could be going on with your son and have the doctors run test to rule out things,Because there are things that look like add and adhd.

why don't doctors test for other things and not just put on medicine for add or adhd.
by dollyn, 7 hours ago
It seems these days that doctors teachers along with some parents . ...
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The child is a problem at school. There is no talk of his being a problem at home. This is the usual scenario. I am sure that there are a small number of children who need medication, but the diagnosis of children with ADD is over the top and one must question the accuracy of these diagnoses. (Is ADD the latest medical fad?) These medications have serious side effects that are not given enough coverage. Parents need more information to be able to make informed decisions. Most people tend to go along with whatever a doctor says. My purpose is to help the parents question diagnoses and to look beyond school problems.
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    I agree with you, if the child is not a problem at home, then one should definitely be questioning what is going on.  Parents do need to make informed decisions - which is one reason why I always say, " you need to become an expert in ADHD".
   My problem with your statement was, "Unfortunately it is the psychologists who are quickest to prescribe drugs for ADD."  This makes it sound like, "avoid psychologist".  So my question is, "where do they turn to for help."
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Since it is the psychologist who deals with the emotional problems of children, he is the one most likely to prescribe medications for ADD. Since it is the parent who is responsible for his child's well being, he must make himself as knowledgeable as possible on the subject. Just as when you take your tax material to a CPA you should know something about deductions, and when you hire an attorney you should something about law, when you go to a doctor you should know something about medicine. How else can you ask the right questions and understand and evaluate the answers?

Moreover when a drug is prescribed, the patient (or parent of the patient) should hie himself to a pharmacist and ask all the questions that need to be answered. Is the doage correct? What are the side effects? The pharmacist is a chemist; the doctor is not. He has spent four years studying pharmaceutical chemistry. That is why if a doctor, through ignorance or carelessness, prescribes a harmful or lethal dose of something, and the pharmacist fills the prescription, it is the pharmacist who is liable for a detrimental outcome. In addition, given the joys of the internet, one can find out quite a bit about the medications in question. (Not those sites by the manufacturer, however.)

What I am promoting here is not negativity, but knowledge. We know our children better than anyone, and their lives are in our hands.
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In an effort of helping with knowledge, I thought I would add one thing.  I was a clinical psychologist in the early to mid 90's (yes, I'm a way old mom of little kids in my 40's----  yikes!) and did this for a decade and a half both in a psychiatrist's office and for the psych ward in hospital-----  I will say that things have changed with ADD/ADHD.  Psychiatrists (who actually do the prescribing as in most states psychologists whether they have a Phd like myself or not are not liscensed to prescribe) were the front line for treatment.   Back then, it was kind of a new diagnosis that was becoming more popular but nothing like today's standards.  Currently, primary care physicians think nothing of prescribing medications for ADD/ADHD.  It has become kind of like antidepressents-----  use of these used to be more specialized and now just about every doc out there prescribes.  I personally never dealt with children unless on the psych ward  but had collegues who did. I would never claim to be an expert on this subject at all-----  but do know that the tide has shifted with prescribing habits of children's medications (in my mind, unfortunately.  I would want my child treated by a psychiatrist who specialized in kids.)  I think the overuse of meds and the way it is freely given is part of the problem. Just my opinion.

With that said, I would never put a chemical in my child's body without knowing every possible thing I can about it.  

Okay, I hope I don't get blasted for these statements.  Ugh.  Just my opinions---- no more than that.
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Your next to the last sentence is spot on. Other people may blast you, but I won't.
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