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My five year old daughter was put on celexa 2 days ago she is a very anxious little girl, since she started the medicine she seems to be even more nervous she acts like it actually speeds her up or something is this normal? Will she get better at focusing as the medicine is in her system longer?
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Does she have ADD/ADHD and / or anxiety?  I never heard of Celexa being used for ADHD on a 5 year old. Did she get evaluated by a psycholigist or developmental doctor that specializes in ADHD? If she has ADHD, the first medication that you should try is Metadate CD or Ritalin.  Start with a very small dosage such as 2.5mg or 5mg. If it does not work because it is not enough, keep on increasing the amount very slowly until you see that she is doing well. I am not familiar with celexa. If it is a stimulant like Ritalin, the dosage sounds too high. I would go back to the specialist doctor and ask for Metadate for a trial.
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She was seen by a peditrician and was diagnosed with adhd and anxiety. Celexa is a drug often used for antidepression my question is should this make her even more hyper or will it help her focus more the longer she is on it?Any knowledge you have concerning this will greatly be appreciated. thank you tamtam504
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Please note that "regular" pediatircians are not qualified to diagnose adhd or anxiety. You need to obtain a referral to a child psychologist,psychiatrist or child developmental doctor. If her mood and hyper activity is worse, the medicine is not correct or the diagnosis. I do not know anything about Celexa. I think that you need a child developmental doctor and not a pediatrician to help you with the diagnosis and medication first. They need to prioritize whether to treat the ADHD or the anxiety first. By correcting one, the other symptoms might improve.
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hi, my child has an appointment with her psycoligist next wed. I called her yesterday and she agreed with the peditrician on her diagnosis.But she was not sure that celexa was the med. she would of prescribed for her.I was told to continue this untill mon. and if no improvment then we would try something else.I agree with you i don't think the mede is right for her though. thank you tamtam
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I was in celexa and so was my 9 yr old son. It takes a couple weeks to really see a difference. It's not a med that hypes you up acctually the opposite. We found great success with this drug.
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