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adult ADD and treatment options..

i was told by my counselor that i have adult ADD...im setting up an appt with my dr and was wondering what treatments are out there to help with ADD..? thanks Angie ♥
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    Wow, there is a ton of options out there.  And its good to walk in with a bit of knowledge.  I think that the site that gives (in my opinion) the most  comprehensive information of whats possible is this,
   Warning - there is a lot of info here.  Don't try and digest it all in one sitting.  And if you have any questions please feel free to repost.
    By the way, I am pretty sure that your doc will do some kind of testing before making any recommendations. If you do have ADD,  a typical response  is medication of some kind And then depending on what kind of a doctor he/she is you mayl get followup recommendations.  .  Don't stop there.  Its only half the solution.  Find out all that you can about it.   If you do have ADD, another site that you will find very helpful is,
    Hope this helps.
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Hi there -

I'm in the same boat, 34 with adult ADD-PI, I've suffered all my life but managed the symptoms by taking various non-prescription stimulants.  Until one day....when I accidently overdosed and got really sick.  Now I'm "off" and feeling like crap.  Going to see the doc in two weeks to discuss treatment options.

Good luck!
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thank u every1..im gonna check out that site..going to see my counselor today and discuss some more options..i think i pretty much know what im gonna ask him but anything u guys can add? thanks again...

i also notice a short term memory thing i have..
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  I don't think what you can ask him is as important as what you can tell him.  Make sure he knows whats going on with you and what you would like to see happen.  Best wishes!
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