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adult adhd help!

hi, im a 22 year old male and basically think i have adhd, when i was younger i noticed that i was always very unfocused and constantly day dreaming (i didnt mind day dreaming), i didint seem to take school or anything very seriously unless it was some kind activity that didnt involve hard work. In jr. high i didnt realize that teachers were constantly putting aside in a class with others like myself.

as i entered high school i started to notice that i was having issues with learning material and just all in all paying attention to what was bieng said. Along with starting school my parents as well as myself started realizing i needed to grow up. during my last couple years of HS i kind of began to get depressed because of my inability to stay alert and do day to day tasks.

since i have graduated my quality of life has not been so great, i recently have battled through a depression (1.5year)  that left me questioning who i am as person, i have a very low esteem but dont realize, and still have periods where i get depressed because i have not been able to hold down a job for longer than a year. So in addition too my syptoms include- not being able stay focused, feeling lazy, periods where i am lethargic (slow) and then days i am very alert/on task , day dreaming when on the job. i am not a very hyper person but i can have my days.

My big question though is would meds help me? will the affect change the way i feel ? will i become dependant on the drug? i need a solution b/c i dont know where ic myself 5 yrs from now and its depressing to me right now,i dont know if its actually me or ADHD, any advice is helpful thanku.
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    Congratulations on trying to do something about what is going on with you.  
Well, the first thing you probably need is to get a real good idea of what ADHD or ADD is. The link on this site is pretty good.  http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD  ;
   Another good site is  -  http://www.healing-arts.org/children/ADHD/

   Meds might well help you - or not.  There really is only one way to find out.  If you do have ADHD you won't get dependent on them.  If you don't have ADHD, they can be seriously addicting.  For that reason alone (plus a bunch or others), you need to see a doctor that can help you.  I would try to find a psychologist or psychiatrist that specials in ADHD.  Stay away from your general MD.  The reason for that is that you want someone who can give you more than just meds.   By the way it is very common for people with ADHD to be depressed, and if it has been untreated (with meds or psyc help), the numbers go way up.   You also might want to check out this site -                         http://jeffsaddmind.com/
  Its for adults with ADHD.  I think you will find out you are not alone with the problems you face.  Best wishes!
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Depression is not a symptom of ADD. It is symptom of bipolar especially with the length of time you stayed in depression.  What you call day dreaming is a coping mechanism which a bipolar person uses to handle being in a room with a lot of people. I learned quite well by doing this because my whole day would replay in my dreams at night. I was just always a day late with the information. If the teacher called on me I couldn't answer but I usually knew it by test day. I liked teachers that let me stay in my world. I did better in their class because I'd have too many thoughts whirring to process it in an "awake" state (besides don't u hate it when someone passes a hand in front of your face and says "Earth to...."). Bipolar people tend to not like being in crowds unless they are on the manic side because it over stimulates our senses. There are natural ways to stay out of mania or depression. You have to keep your health triangle a triangle and not rectangle. If you don't exercise then eat less food. Depressed people are sleeping too much and manic people are not sleeping enough. Depressed people need more vegetables and less dairy and meat. Caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, or chocolate containing more than 70% Cacao is good for depression but when you are normal stay off of it or it won't work if you relapse. Caffeine should be avoided in mania.  Bipolar people are usually best at something artistic such as writing stories, painting, or comedy. After all the day dreaming and vivid dreams they usually have pretty fun things to share with the world. Good luck!
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  Very good points by gjayme.  One point of clarification though.  While depression is not a symptom of ADD or ADHD, it is a coexisting disorder.  About 10 to 30 percent of children have it.  The belief is that this "sadness stems from a daily life of not fitting in at school, being teased and rejected by their peers," etc.  From   "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.
  The point being (and this is my opinion), if the depression is caused by ADHD - it would be treated one way.  If it is a bipolar problem - the treatment would be different.  All the more reason to try and figure out what is happening with you so that you can deal with it.
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hmmm, i think when i get depressed its more because i kinda realize that i struggle with tasks that i have to complete because i havent payed attention 100% and i compare myself to others who catch on pretty quickly and can stay concentrated/focused. for me it just gets to a point where i ask if i can do  anything right, one more thing is i feel like i have alot of inner energy/restlessness which even for me is very annoying as well as for others that are around me. i believe i have a good understanding of y i feel the way i feel, all i really want is confidence b/c right now i feel dependant on others, i havent even really dated because im afraid these issues may arise. i did go see my doc he gave me some anti depressant which i hear can also help with adhd, whats your take on the added info? also durring that period of deep depression i took a depressant for 2 weeks @ a low dosage (forgot name) which turned my life around even though i stil get mildly depressed here and there. remember this is day to day and i try to stay positive.  
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   I think that this may relate to you - or not.  But when I was teaching, one of the best indicators to me of a child (5th grade through 8th grade) who had ADHD was frustration.  They knew they should have been doing better.  They knew that they were as smart or smarter then their friends who were getting better grades on tests, but they couldn't.  From what I have read from adults who have posted here the last 4 years, the same feelings hold true.  

   The anti-depressant would help, but it doesn't address the underlying cause of the depression.  Hence my earlier post.  Essentially you want to deal with what ever is causing the depression.  Meds are certainly helpful, but I would think only on an as needed basis.  What you need to figure out is what is causing the depression. I certainly think that ADD is a possibility.  If you want to get a feeling what ADD can do to you, check out this utube video -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rybVzoKOwWA.
    By the way, do take the time to check out the other sites I recommended.  And I can give you more.  Once you have seen them.  I think you will be able to make a more informed choice as to your next step.  My recommendation would be to find a good psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD.  Pay the bucks.  It could be a life changer!  Best wishes.  If you have any other questions after taking a look at the sites I recommended, please post!
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Helen Keller was born deaf, blind and mute but god gave her hands, anger, and a passion for learning and she used them to create brail so that all blind children can read.  John Walsh’s only son Adam Walsh was taken from him but he was given the ability to save other children by creating “America’s Most Wanted”. Jesus was not the only person to have to walk on this earth and carry a cross. We all have our crosses to bear. We too have the power to overcome and heal our own children.
These drugs are not working. In 2005 over 6200 men fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan committed suicide after returning home. That equals to 120 per week or 17 a day. If these men were given the best of drugs and psychologists our government has to offer and they are not being healed then our children cannot heal from these either. The only thing that’s being done with these drugs is deadening the heightened senses god gave them to fight back.  One symptom of add/adhd, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, or any other psychiatric condition is the potential for substance abuse. Why do we take children with that potential and hand them drugs? How smart is this? The Columbine shootings were committed while these kids were taking Zoloft and Luvox. The side-effects of these drugs include increased aggression, loss of remorse, depersonalization and mania. The police knew that these kids had web pages up stating that they wanted to kill people. Our school system is not set up to protect our children. If you go to the school and tell them your child is being picked on what’s the answer you get? Can’t help that but if your child gets post traumatic stress syndrome from it we can set you up with a Dr. who can give you some good drugs. You can take a prescription for Lipitor for the rest of your life or you can take the ability the good lord gave you to research, change your diet and save yourself. Your child doesn’t have these choices; he/she is dependent on you to make good choices for them.
Teach them to use this anger for a positive outcome. If they are throwing temper tantrums show them that Helen Keller did, too. When they use that much passion to ask for help they will receive it just like Helen Keller did. Share stories of how others have overcome. If you have the time to take your child to a psychologist then you had time to talk to them that you lost. Your child was given to you for a reason and you still have your child.
Every morning your child wakes make him/her flex their muscles and shout, “I HAVE THE POWER WITHIN ME TO MAKE THIS DAY GREAT” If you don’t see goose bumps on their arms make them shout louder. Make them feel the energy running through them while saying something empowering. You can give them the self confidence they need to survive and thrive in this world.
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ADD drugs are a form of speed. Do you really want to take speed? Yes, it might make you "happier," but it is a pretty bad tradeoff.
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1.) Try to seek professional help. But look for the best one, it takes a good psychiatrist or psychologist to help you w/ this. But maybe try a psychologist first as he/she may have a more holisitc approach like psychotherapy or methods to solve and discuss bout it. (coz i've been to a psychiatrist and all she does is give me meds without even understanding my prob). Root cause must be treated first.
2.) Maybe it takes you to get to something you're really interested to. coz maybe your mind would probably wander if you're not interested on where you need to focus though.
3.) Meds are just a last option, coz it would still depend on who is taking it and how it will be effective on his/her body. l used to take meds before, though it helped me 30-40%, but it didn't really solved the depression.
4.) Better to find the most understanding people, those who are open-minded about adhd and other disorders, and not the judgemental ones who would only think its your fault and its "just the way you think" mentality. They don't understand what is biological.
4.b) If you have a depression, its another story. There are tons of infos you can get on the internet about depression, from there you can check for the symptoms, and from there try to evaluate yourself with those lists.
5.) Are you getting kinda forgetful most of the time?
6.) Tools that may somewhat help you with adhd: 1.)your mobile phone with tasks reminder feature, and 2.) a little memo notebook & pen to list down things you need to do or maybe reminders. this is about organizing things in the mind, so you wont miss out on anything. I'm not promising you a 101% effectivity, as it still depends on you, but i think it might help you too, maybe 60-80%.
good luck! =)
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