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alternative for medicine

HI, I a have a 9 years old boy who was diagnosted with ADHD this year. I had some parent training for behavioral issues and I refused to put my child on medication.
I am wondering to try  vit b for his behavior issues my question is should I try it ?, if yes wich one I should use ? at what dose ? ,  is the vit b suplement chemicals or not ? does it have side effects or no ?
MY child doesn't have any depression but he is very active and his focus is short.
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There are behavioral therapists who can help your son. They do not use medication.
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Hi. I do not trust medication. espetially for ADD. I beleive that ADD and ADHD should be helped by "behiavor therpy". My son is 9 yo and I think he has ADD. The wife of my cousin made him an assessment - she is specialist in school based therapy- she said he has some ADD and he has "problem of integration visio-spatial". for me these are big words. In my country nobody is talking about ADD or ADHD. But I know that this is true but still not welle known or accepted by the teachers and the parents (in my place). For me,it is out of question to put him on any kind of medication. I went through very difficult time when his school results gradually changed. I have got a lot of help and support on this communauty and finally I understood that having the best grade is not what matters most. I read many articles and advices to parents and his father and me  are trying to help him as much as we can.I would like to get the help of a specialist but i dont want to go to Doctors or psychiatrist. I appreciate if you tell me what is the specialization of your daughter. thank you.
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I understand your concern. As an adult (who was diagnosed as an adult) I manage my ADD without any medication or supplements. When I see myself getting off track, I force myself to get back on. I remember as a child being very good at some subjects in school. I would be able to be successful without any study time. The problem was when I did not understand something I shut down. I wish someone could have helped me then with or without medication.

A young child doesn't have the capacity to understand and cope - perhaps they can be taught, and if so, that is definitely the way to go. But if counseling doesn't work and a low dose of medication helps them be successful, it may be worth a try. I have a friend who worked with his son for years and then finally successfully used medication.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your post. Maybe we will have to use meds one day, but I cannot think about this now. We will keep trying and trying. I already change my high expectations and I am focusing on him as my beloved boy. I dont want him to be excellent anymore. I will support him as much as I can, as long as it is necessary and I am sure that all will be ok. After all being happy and having a good life is not necessarly linked to our grades or scolar achievements..... I want to ask for the help of a specialist - but I am not sure where to go. I dont want to go to docts neither to a psy of any kind... My son had a seizure at the age of 7, it was one single accident, the neuro pediatric said it was an Rolandic Benine Ep. he didnt put him on meds. I remember those difficult moments, it tooked me long time to overcome my fear and anxiety. That's why, when I suspected him having an attention disorder, and when I read that it is a neurological pblem, I felt that my heart was broken again... As I said, nobody in my neiborhood is talking about this kind of problems. ADD AD and ADHD are unknown all around us. A child is smart and intelligent or just laisy... I found those infos when I was searching on the Internet abt possible reason of slowleness and luck of motivation. I hope that I am doing the right thing and that my boy will not say one day "I wish somebody could have helped me then"....I am deeply touched by those words. God help and bless.
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My daughter is a behavioral therapist who works with children who have ADD symptoms.She specializes in their difficulty with schoolwork. Children with scattered attention need help to relieve their anxiety and to learn to develop focus. She tries to get them to reach their potential, whatever level that is, by organizing their approach to schoolwork. Often the anxiety the children feel is caused by parents who demand they be outstanding students. She does not advocate medication.
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Thank you for your reply. I dont know if we can find same specialist in my country. I will try to find where to ask for information. However I admit that the anxiety of our children are often caused by us: as very demanding parents. I am one of those parents. Because I was allways excellent at school and at Universities, I couldnt accept or understand how my son could come at home with all those "2" . (grades are from 1 to 4, where 1 is excellent). until the age of 7, all was very good. always "1" and few "2" and at the end of year for his appraisal his teacher wrote"child with a potentiel of an excellent student"...it tooked me long time and a lot of tears to understand that I was doing wrong and that my attitude and my reactions are very harmful to my son who was not becoming just lazy but could have a real pbleme. Today I am reading and reading, and I am asking for advices on how to help children with ADD. I am trying to improve his self estime, to accept his difficlties and his moods, not to over react on unfinished tasks (when he bring back home his school work) to highlit on his "good" results, to tell him that I am proud of him that I love him.... it is not easy and I dont guarantee that I will never loose control.... but .... I have faith... all will be ok.
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  There are two books I recommend a lot on this forum.  They are:
       Sandra Rief’s "How to Reach and Teach Children with ADD/ADHD".  Its probably one of the best, most practical and up-to-date books out there.  Its quite long and has a lot of teaching techniques.  Its probably aimed more for teachers due to its content.

The second is "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.   I recommend this one the most because it covers a huge area and is pretty easy to read.
      I think that either of these books would be helpful for you.  Best wishes.

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Thanks a lot Sandman2. I will see if I can find th Ie books here otherwise I'll ask for them through Amazon. I am regulary reading your posts on this communauty. I will be always thankfull for your support during that hard time. Be Blessed.
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My child was horible and after I put him on diet he had  a 180 degree flip ,his diet  was milk free diet, no apples and no strawberries. you have to make sure to read the ingredients when you by any snacks they have to be casiene and whye free. also giving fish oil and green tea helped alot.
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Thank you for your advice but I didnt understand what does casiene and whye free mean... are these ingredients?  I do not buy  snacks... never. My sons have milk in the morning. home made sandwich and fruit + milk or juice for school. I am cooking everyday at home. No burgers, no fries, no soda. I am classified by the friends of my sons as a "mechante maman" wich is like the bad witch in your language. I heard about omega3 benefits. I'll ask our pediatricien about the dose of fish oil that we can give. thanks a lot.
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A very good beginning. I think you are on the right track.
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The above comment was in response to your not pressuring your child. Now, as to your response about foods (directed to naimakahina) the poster is referring to a particular situation he has with his child.

Many years ago I lived and worked in your country. At that time the diet was excellent. Unless it has been corrupted by western fast foods, I should think your child's diet is very good.
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The food still good for those who care and also you can choose junk food if you want. I think that this is true everywhere. Do you think that some kind of vit could help children with AD? Two days ago I was helping my son to do a simple home work. For me, all was fine but suddenly I felt he had a disconfort, maybe for 5 sec. I asked him If he is ok , he told me that sometimes he sees somthing like a big mass of water coming towards him ..".this scared me he said, but when I blink my eyes, it disappear"..... I tried to stay calm but I couldnt sleep that night...
I talked about this incident to my brother who is a doctor and lives in US. He refered to his friend, a neuro pediatrician to whom we send the exams of my son when he had his seizure at the age of 7, his opinion is that this doesnt has any relation with that old seizure but might be becaused by anxiety...  
Maybe I am putting my son under stress without being consious... maybe I have to see a psychologist ...
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And, by the way, just because they say your son has ADD, it does not mean that he does. This is a very fashionable fad diagnosis in almost all cases. This is not the first medical fad, nor will it be the last. When all fails rely on common sense. And relax.

Vitamins are a good idea even when the diet is a good one. That is because much of the soil is missing vital nutrients. In my family there is no junk food. We all take vitamins and are the better for it.
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Thank you for keep your son safe.

Nutritionists, tutors, behavioral therapists, increased structure etc are safer options and will have a positive long term effect. Rather than the mental health problems that ADD drugs cause later in life.

Also...consider getting a second opinion. As some have stated, ADD/ADHD have become blanket diagnosis for any behavioral issue.

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Thank you for your comment.I find it's amzing how you are all caring and adding posts...
My son' attitude is changing gradually, positively... . now he is sitting to work without complaining or nugging. Even his schoolwork is better. Not many unfinished tasks anymore.... He is sitting in his room making his homworks for more than one hour without being angry. His major problem is that he is slow, and i will focus on this point tosee how we can helphim.
He is trying to do his best to keep his notebooks clean... I am so proud of him. I know that my attitude when his grades changed, could have serious (bad) consequences if it continuous... Kids who are facing problems of any kind need love first and not "scaried mom".
Onother thing that helps me a lot, the statement about left brain and right brain (retrain the brain)... After reading that articles, we put new rules/time conrol for TV time, video games, computer games, electronic games .... and I am sure that this helps him a lot.
I will never forget all the support of this community. I feel that I have hundreds of friends. God bless you all for all you positive and helpfull input.
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Thank your for your kind post. Often we do not know if we have been helpful because the person who posed the question does not get back to us. But you did, and we appreciate it.
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A few words to all of you: For me, getting back to the Community was very important. It helped me a lot to know that AD, ADD or ADHD exists and that my son was not just becoming suddenly lasy. .
Talking about my son's problem, helped me to get over my fear and anxiety .... I know that there is still a lot to do. I think that maybe one day I will find that my son's problem is not AD... but I am not anxious anymore.
I will keep you posted as things progress. This Community really mean (s?) a lot to me.
Thank you all.
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