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does anyone else suffer with really bad anxiety because of adhd or add!!
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yes unfortunetly i do
thank god somebody else does.
Most people do if they do not take there medicine
I cant because i get heart palputations

but yes. i have had alot. of anxietly
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I have terrible anxiety! Im not sure if its because of the ADHD though.
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Hi all,

Yes anxiety can happen with ADD, me and my  daughters have ADD, my eldest daughter gets anxiety to the stage where she was pulling her hair out, I was giving her rescue remedy and councelling to try to help and I did not want her to be put on an anti anxiety medication, what has seemed to help was changing her medication, she was on Ritalin but has now been put on a slow realease Concerta at a much higher does. In some people Anxiety can come with the ADD just like Depression can in others (I get the depression as well).

You need to look at what situations make you anxious and how you deal with it, try natural remedies like Rescue remedy, learn techniques to help you calm (deep breathing), things like picturing in your mind a happy place yes sounds weird but it really does help.

Dont beat yourself up about this, learn to recognise what makes you anxious and what triggers it, if need be see a councellor who will teach you skills to deal with it.

Good luck I know it can be a struggle but be positive.  good luck
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ya I am also having anxiety problem, I am using kava for that.
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my ADD medication did cause anxiety in the beginning so my doctor gave me a low dose xanex. After about 6 months and reducing my dosage of Adderall, my anxiety got much better. It comes back if I take allot in a day, so try a mild sedative. If you don't want to do another controlled substance - go with the holistic approach. Try Valerian Root and drinking Chamomile Tea. It really does work and it's non habit forming.
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