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can adult ADD exist without ADD as a child?

hi i have been diagnosed with ADD. my shrink was hesitant in diagnosing me because i didn't have any problems prior to the age of 18. but from what i told him about my experiences and his observations throughout our few sessions, he diagnosed me (as well as Borderline Personality Disorder).

Am interested in hearing if any adults were diagnosed as adults and not as children?
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   Well, if you have had ADD since childhood, I can certainly understand why you might have developed Borderline Personality Disorder.  
   I have read numerous posts on this forum over the years from females (and a few males) who had ADD as a kid and never got diagnosed.  Usually because they were intelligent and did fairly well in school.  They weren't snotty nosed little hyper boys running around and getting noticed.   I don't know how old you are.  But I am seeing more and more posts from adults with you same question.  And some of them are in there 40's or later and finally decided to take charge of their life and get some help.
    But, to answer your question.  You said you didn't have any problems prior to 18.  I am guessing that then you went on to college and the curriculum got a lot tougher?   I had a poster recently with two masters degrees (highly intelligent) who can't convince her doc she has ADD - even though she has all the symptoms.  He kept saying, "but you have a college degree."   My brother-in-law is full blown ADHD with a masters degree and lectures to major corporations on business practices.  Smart people can learn how to compensate educationally - but their lives can be kind of messy.  
   Anyway, I really can't go back through the years I have been on this forum and find the posts.  But I have noticed that they have been increasing lately - which is interesting.
   I do know of some good adult sites aimed at ADD if you are interested. Hope this helps to answer your question and please post if you have any more.  Best wishes.
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I am STILL dealing with the same issue.  I might be one of Sandman2's posters   (Hiya Sandman2).  I have 2 college degrees and did well in school also.  The 3 shrinks I have been to all seem to say the same as in Sandman2's post.

Don't give up .... Good luck.
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those sights would be great, thanks.

I am 33 now, I did well in school, was never disruptive etc. My grades did drop as high school went on and I got average grades in Uni but I did get through. I loved school but it was also an escape from home life which is where the BPD comes from.
I think the BPD started in school but it was only through uni that life became a struggle memory/focus/attention wise. I even went to a neurosurgeon and got an MRI which showed nothing.

It has been frustrating over the years and a struggle in every aspect of my life, even telling my family and friends I was seeing a shrink for ADD...well they were far from supportive, laughing as if i was crazy! I do work in the accounting field after all I couldn't possibly have ADD!

am glad to hear that more adults are being diagnosed without symptoms as a child. i won't tell me shrink though, he seems to think he knows everything!
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thanks misty. am starting on anti-depressant lexapro tomorrow as starting point, then onto ADD medication. a lot of trial and error but trying to remain positive
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   Hey, it was you I am pretty sure.  At my age its getting harder to always put names with posts.  Thanks for getting back to us.  
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  I'll get back to you with those sites later on today.  I've got the need for a nice long jog - so heading out the door.
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