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can i get lead poisioning from 1 exposure

when i was 7 i put a at least 15 lead pellets in my mouth im 13 now would i be able to get lead poisoning from that single exposure
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  If you swallowed any of them, that would not be good.  otherwise doubtful.  There are tests for lead in the system that would answer your question for sure.
  Is there anything that you are having trouble doing now, that leads to this question?
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i didn't swallow any but i have ADD it seems to run in my family but learning disabilities are a symptom of lead poisoning
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  You are correct.  So is pesticide exposure (and probably other things).  But ADHD is herditary.  The problems due to lead exposure would have shown up fairly soon, and would be more severe the younger you are.
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so you dont think i have lead poisoning
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  If this only happened once and if you did not swallow the lead - I really doubt it.  A doctor could do a blood test and let you know for sure.  The link I posted will tell you more than you want to know about lead poisoning.
  I would concentrate more on dealing with your ADD.  
This is a good article dealing with the benefits of exercise. -
  and since you are in school here are a few hints to make it easier for you.  They are from an adult with ADD who posted to this site a while ago.
For school work:
1. Children with ADD hate school. They will do anything to avoid doing homework because it is hard, they don't get it, and it takes a long time (people with ADD tend to take about twice as long to do the same work as someone without it)
    a. Keep in constant contact with the teachers. i.e. Have them sign an assignment notebook that the child wrote down their assignment in (in pen because they will surely erase the assignments in pencil after the teacher has signed it), or have the teacher send you a daily email with the assignments for the day.
     b. When studying, mix it up. And mix it up often. People with ADD get bored very easily when doing things they are not interested in. Make flash cards, have them read it out loud, you read it out loud to them, quiz them, make homemade worksheets.
     c. Have an area set aside with NO distractions. Some students can study with music in the backround, the TV on, or with a view of the outside world, but students with ADD can't handle that and still be productive. They already battle the distractions in their head about EVERYTHING else, outside distractions should be minimal, if not, nonexistant.
     d.   Take lots of breaks. People with ADD get frusterated and a feeling of their "brain being full". Every 20 or 30 minutes let them get up for a few minutes and walk around.
  Hope some of this helps.  Best wishes.
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