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can't sit still

Hi everyone. Forgive me for posting here, as I don't think I have ADHD, but I seem to have some kind of attention deficit and restlessness which makes it hard for me to concentrate on my tasks. I remember having those problems at school; than they became less severe, especially when I had jobs which required a lot of moving around and being active (teaching etc.). I'm a constant daydreamer, but when there was no time for it, I didn't get lost in thought, I just assumed the role of a teacher etc,, even though I sometimes complained I had no time to think and "didn't even remember my own name". Now I have a quiet job, which suits me better than work among people because the latter had always been stressfull; however, I need to organize my time and be my own boss, which I find difficult. I can't sit still at the computer, I always find myself walking around the kitchen rather than sitting and working, and when I do sit, I compulsively break my work every few minutes to check on facebook etc., or I simply get lost in thought. I would like to try some techniques to help me concentrate on my work, prolong attention spans, and I thought that people dealing with ADHD in themselves or in their children could give me some advice.
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    Ummm,  you do have many of the symptoms of adult ADD.  Check out this web site on adult symptoms and let me know what you think.  http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/guide/adhd-adults   I can then direct you to other places that you might find helpful.   Main reason to check out the site is not because I can give you further help (I would try to do that anyway).  Its just nice to know what might be causing you the problems you are having.  If you know the cause, its easier to find solutions.
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Hi there.  I think it is really interesting that you noticed a difference when active.  That is how sensory integration disorder responds.  The movement is calming/organizing and allows someone to focus better.  

I would factor this into all you do.  I'd take your own movement breaks and get lots of regular exercise.  It may keep you regulated enough to sit when you need to.

lots of luck dear
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     Good point by specialmom.  It wouldn't hurt to check out the SID site for symptoms too.   http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/sensory-processing-disorder-checklist.html
     By the way, lots of great tips for staying focused and on track here - http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_adult_strategies.htm
    Hope these help.  Best wishes.
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I was having similar problems at a company I am no longer an wlemployye of. I started on Ritalin, and for, I found that it'd helped a great deal. I take two pills a day and definitely notice a change when that happens. Of course, I also have bipolar 2, so there's a fine line between what exactly all the medication works in different bodies.
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Hi all, thanks a lot for the answers. I've check the sites and it does seem I have some signs of ADHD/ADD, but still I think (I might be wrong of course) if I had it, I wouldn't be able to do my job. Translating or editing texts requires a lot of patience and although I have problems, I still manage. Also, I've always been rather slow, which you don't usually associate with a person suffering from ADHD (unless I've learnt very early in life that being too active was a "sin").

However, reading one of the links provided by sandman, I noticed two things I hadn't thought of before. The first of them is impulsiveness: in spite of usually being phlegmatic, I tend to overreact when someone seems to say something against me or offend me in some way. It may seem trivial to others, but I dwell on it for days. In the past I often cried at such times, now not so much, but it still hurts. I've always thought it had to do with low self-esteem, but now it occurs to me it might have to do with my chemistry working differently from that of most people.

The second thought is about relationships - the problem mentioned in one of the articles. I've always easily and strongly fallen in love, usually unrequited, and done stupid things like confessing my love to someone that barely knew me. It feels like adrenaline or other chemicals "overflow" my brain and although I'm still able to realize it's silly to make such confessions, the urge to do it sometimes wins. Now I've been married for a few years and although I luckily haven't had a serious crisis yet, I've had some mini-crises when I suddenly remembered someone I was in love with long ago and for a few days I went like in a trance, thinking only of that person. Later it subsided gradually. It never occurred to me that those two things: overreacting to criticism/unpleasant remarks and falling crazily in love might have something to do with ADHD. Do you know of similar experiences? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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      There are several co-existing behaviors that go along with ADHD or ADD.  Anxiety and low self esteem really seem to affect those that had undiagnosed ADHD or ADD because they went through years of not understanding what was going on with them.
     Relationship wise - a lack of filters, doing things impulsively- might be what was going on with you.   This is very common with younger kids and tends to slow down as the person matures and gains more control.  But, I know several adults - who, if there wife doesn't stop them first - will still do some pretty impulsive things.
     From the last site I sent you (make sure you check out the strategies), here are more symptoms. - http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_diagnosis.htm
     Best wishes.
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Thanks again. I've checked the strategies. I seem to be employing many of them (e.g., exercise). As for the planning, lists, etc., the problem is I don't stick to them. I rarely forget things I have to do; if I don't do them, it's not because I don't rememeber, but because I feel strong aversion to doing anything that requires effort. And the longer I procrastinate, the more difficult it seems.
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Hi again, just wanted to update the info after a visit to a psychiatrist. I went there because of the above problems as well as others that have recently accumulated (esp. anxiety). She doesn't think I have ADD. She puts my concentration problems down to anxiety disorder as well as elements of OCD and mild depression that I've probably been suffering from for long. In retrospect, it seems true, as despite being a daydreamer from an early age and frequently getting lost in thought I was still able to study and get relatively good grades. Thinking about it now, the focus problems started getting more serious with age.
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    Anxiety disorder and mild depression will certainly cause problems.  The question is what has caused this?   And it is important to treat the coexisting disorders too.  However,   It is very typical for someone who has ADD and is intelligent to get good grades in school and not to have problems until they hit a level where there innate intelligence will not get them through.  I have seem posts by people in grad school or even medical school who did not start having problems till that level.  
    I do wonder how she decided you don't have ADD - hopefully, she spent some time with you and didn't just ask how you did in school.   Just for your own information here are two more sites to check out on ADD.
      The national resource center on AD/HD has lots of good info - you can find it here - http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK8                
       And for a more personal view go here -    http://totallyadd.com/
     I am glad that you went to see the psyc.  It is very difficult to handle this stuff by your self and you are taking a very important step.   Keep us informed.  Best wishes!!
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Hi Sandman, sorry for the delay in writing back. Well, it's not so much that she decided I didn't have ADD, but rather that she didn't say anything about it, so it's possible that she didn't totally discard this possibility (neither do I), she just concentrated on problems that were more obvious, such as anxiety disorder and social phobia.
The reason for my anxiety and mild depression that in retrospect I see I experienced from childhood seems to lie precisely in that childhood, it's something I've been aware of for a long time, but so far I've been unsuccessful in therapy, which now I'm going to start again, hoping it will work better than the previous attempts.
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   Thanks for the reply.  There are non med ways to treat anxiety and depression.  Of course, knowing how or why you have these, makes the treatment even more successful.   Good luck to you!!!!
  If you ever need any more resources on ADD, etc - ya know where to find me.
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