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how can i get out of depression
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Hi Vanna! It can be hard but I have done it many times without the aid of medication. I find that the simplest way to get out of your "funk" is to make minor adjustments after evaluating your current lifestyle or situation. Get out your pen and pad or jump on a new Word document and off you go!
Start with journaling to give yourself a much needed look into what's really going on. Have some quiet time or put on some good music that evokes emotion and let it flow. If you sit down to do this and nothing is happening, then don't stress, come back to it as soon as you feel the emotions coming to or simply start writing about your day even if the writing is plain and simple. For example:

"Today was brutal! My boss attacked me today about my work ethic which made me feel like a little girl being yelled at by her mean old Grand dad again!"

OR the "not so self aware yet" approach:

"Today sucked! I frickin hate my boss!"

Either way you are writing down your feelings and it often leads to deeper things and the deeper you go, the better. I find that once I have my problems at the forefront of my conscience, then I can deal with them better. Yes sometimes it will lead you down a painful path but that's okay. You have to deal with the things that bother you deep down and acceptance is the key to change and for me, prayer is what gives me the strength to do it!

Once you have a clearer picture of what has really been bothering you then you want to break it down for yourself. Make a bunch of problem lists. I have journals combined with want lists and to do lists and although I didn't sit down initially to start off a list of vitamins I need from the grocer, after doing some journaling, I found that my self image was a big issue so that lead to me wanting to get healthier which ultimately led to that silly little list. It may seem silly but in the grand scheme of things...it's not! It's imperative to your mental health.

If you get stuck, then read your journal entries. if you still can't figure out where to go from your compiled emotional rants than start simple - For example:


Then expand on them. For example:

*Work - not completing enough daily tasks, overloaded
*Family - constant arguing with sister
*Dog - peeing on everything and making my house stink

Then you need to start looking at each problem as individual issues and deal with them like that rather than lumping them all in and not dealing with any of them because it's overwhelming. Again, I recommend going list crazy but you have to find what works for you.

I have been in a funk now since about February this year. I am just now starting to "do the work" to get myself out of it. Medication is not the answer for me and honestly in my humble opinion, it's not the answer for most.

As I mentioned previously, once you start writing and being honest with yourself...you'll find not only will it get easier to be more self aware but then you can find solutions. I do allot of Googling when things bother me. For instance, my health has been declining and it was creating anxiety because I don't have health insurance which was leading to bouts of depression. I realized I had to get back to healthy and I couldn't afford to run off to a thousand different doctors so I started putting things down on paper which lead to me researching my health concerns. It distracted me from my daily mundane routines and gave me something interesting to do with my spare time. Ultimately it led me to start searching for a personal trainer and next thing you know, I found myself training mixed martial arts and now everything is changing! i'm desiring to quit smoking, I broke up with that "drag me down" boyfriend and i'm seeing results in my butt which made my confidence spike. Am i healed? Hell no! I'm only one speeding ticket away from insanity but I tell you...i DO feel better and I feel like I'm starting to get a better grip.

It takes time and lots of patience with your self. It also takes forgiveness too; sometimes for others but mostly i've found for myself. I do all of this through my faith but each person has to discover for themselves what works best for them. Only YOU know YOU the best.

Keep your head up and remember...this too shall pass! :)
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   A really nice post.  Lots of great ideas.  Thank you for joining into this forum, and I hope to see more posts from you!
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    Hey Vanna, this is an ADHD web site (but you probably knew that).  But I am wondering if you posted here because you also have ADHD?  It would make sense as up to 30% of the people with ADHD have depression.   And it makes sense because if you don't understand how ADHD effects you and how to cope with it - it can be very depressing.  In fact, a lot of people with ADHD also have anxiety and due to all that start self medicating (not good).
    Anyway, if you do have ADHD - are you on any meds for it and what are they?  Some times they work and sometimes they don't - depends on the meds.  I do have loads of info I can share about ADHD if you are interested.  The more you know about ADHD, the easier it is to deal with it.
   By the way, you should have a 504 plan at school to help you.  Do you - that is if you have ADHD.   Get back to us.  Best wishes.
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