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do i havae adhd still?

when i was younger i was diagnosed with ADHD i took aderal for alittle while but i stopped cause it kept making me sick that was when i was 8 now im 18 and i was wondering if it could go away or if i still had it?
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   Everything I have read says that you have it for life.  However, as you get older you (hopefully) learn how to compensate.  And the older you get, the more control you usually have.  However, if you haven't learned how to compensate or deal with the ADHD, thats when depression, anxiety, or self medication can set in.
   Having said that - the big IF is - was it an accurate diagnosis of ADHD.  There are things that can make it seem like you have ADHD.  Lack of sleep (apnea), food allergies, etc.   The reason I mention this is that usually, if the correct dose of adderall is given, (and you have ADHD) you don't get "sick".  However, if you don't have ADHD, then you will really notice what the effect of Adderall is on you.  And, of course, there are all shades of gray that go with the incorrect dosing, etc.
   So I guess, the question is,  do you remember how it made you feel?  For example if it made you zombie like - then it probably was an overdose (and you do have ADHD).  If it wired you completely - then you probably don't have ADHD as that is how it would effect a person without ADHD.
    Anyway, welcome to the forum!    I can give you sites to check out the symptoms of ADHD to see what you may have or I can help.  I also have some good sites for adults with ADHD that give ways to cope with it if it is what you do have.   Hope some of this helps.
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it made me tired and like a zombie
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Hi there.  Jumping in with a thought.  My own son has something that looks a lot like add/adhd and is also a nervous system issue called sensory integration disorder.  But it is slightly different.  He has sensory integration disorder.  Symptoms in children can often be very similar.  However, interestingly the way you worded what happened to you, is that our therapist had told us to not use medication as it would make our son like a zombie without helping him with his underlying issue.  I just find your description of how you felt on medication interesting.  

You could very well have had a wrong dosage at the time and that could contribute to feeling that way too.

I am wondering though if you googled sensory integration disorder if you would find that some of the things relating to that describe you or did when you were a young child.  

Typically it would be  your whole life but as sandman mentioned, coping skills become second nature.  One of the strategies of dealing with sensory integration disorder also called sensory processing disorder is actually to teach kids coping skills to function successfully.  

Do you find you still have problems or do you handle things pretty well now?  
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   Now that is interesting specialmom.  I need to find out more about that.  Have they linked SID to any deficit of dopamine in the brain?
    The reason I asked is that typically if a normal person takes a stim med, it makes them jumpy or super focused.  The last thing that normally happens is the zombie effect.  So I have always heard that the zombie effect happening to one with ADHD is due to an overdose and a pretty good sign that you have ADHD.  This kind of adds a different dimension to it.
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   If thats true, then there is one of two things going on here (I think).  The first is the possibility of what specialmom mentioned.
   The second would be that you have ADHD and the doctor (or your parents in not communicating) screwed up and you got an overdose.
    The standard is to start low and  slowly work up.  When you got that feeling, the doc should have immediately backed off the amount given.
    You might want to check out this site which deals with the symptoms of ADHD for adults.   http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/guide/adhd-adults
and see if any of these fit.  I am not aware of SID sites for adults but specialmom could help with that.
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only reason im wondering is cause lately ill get like really hyper randomly but alot of the time get kinda depressed ans=d im pretty sure the depressed part is a symptom of adult ADHD
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    Ya, I have seen reports that like 30% of adults with AD/HD suffer from depression.  Do check out the web site that I mentioned in my last post.  Information is the key in dealing with ADHD (if it is ADHD), the more you know and understand - the more in control of your life you will feel.  Its that lack of control that can lead to depression.
    By the way lack of sleep can really make the ADHD symptoms worse.  And at your age (that sleep lack seems to happen pretty easily).  You might want to notice if there are any correlations between your random hyperness and what happened the night before.  Best wishes.  Please post if you have any other questions/concerns.
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