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do i need meds?

hello,  all my life, i have dealt with social confusion. my brain proccessing went haywire when i was approached by authority, girls and anything not expected. i day dream all the time.  when communicating i get lost. my day dreams become my reality, and i **** people off, because they feel like i dont listen.  i get embarrassed and stay away from people.  this problem has limted my ability to thrive.

now i am 64 years old. i have advanced MS, mild atherosclerosis, cirrhosis of the liver from drugs and alcohol, and 4 years ago i dxed with major depression. i am currently taking 50 mgs of zoloft for the last 3 years.  i always did well in school and the work place.  but i never got close to my potential.

my wife passed 6 weeks ago, and i am now the single father of 2 teenage girls. i made an appt with my psych and asked him for help with my lack of focus.  we agreed on a dx of ADD, but he will not treat me. says i am too old and too sick.  i have become conditioned to challenge my drs.

sooooo, do i need a 2nd opinion.
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       So if you were a diabetic or had heart problems, he would also not treat you.  Ya,  find a different doc.  You have a lot of time left on this planet.   Depression is a very strong co-disorder of ADHD or ADD.  Many times if the ADD is appropriately treated, the depression will lesson (since the undiagnosed ADD was the problem).   You might ask him where in the clinical standards it says you should not be treated.  You have all of the symptoms.
   This link will provide some more info on medication, ADHD, and depression.

      Let me know if you need any specific info.  Best wishes.
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    my psych wants to raise my zoloft from 50 to 100mgs.  

can this be a mistake?  im lost and have learned to question my docs.
he still wont treat adhd, after seeing my behavior go from sharing info, to a angry patient that cant stay on point.
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  Check the link I sent you.  It's possible the increase could make things worse.
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Hi, I gave up on my. Pdoc.  I saw my neuro , and asked  for provigil for ms fatigue.  Works great!!!  And no side effects.  It has improved  my add  and lo and behold my anxiety got lost.  

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