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doctor is being unprofessional

First off were on medi-cal A few years back my son had what you would call tounge tied and his doctor said it was not  bad enuff to fix but it was difficult to understand my son. While playing ball my son got his front teeth knocked out and my preacher is a well known dentist while he fixed my sons teeth by putting stems in for free (you can't tell they been knock out great job) he said my son tounge could be easily fixed and needed to be and shoukd have been done. I told him what the other doctor said and he told me to insist on it and I did. They fixed my sons tounge and he talks clearly now but ever since they been switching doctors and were now with the original doctor that fixed his tounge and he said all my sons problems more n less was my fault and told me I should go to my sons high school to every class and get and make sure he's doing all his work. My son is in 10th grade I would think I would be trying to help him do it for himself and teach him he is responsible for his own actions so one day he can have his own life.I love him with all my heart and want to do what's best for him. I think that would do more harm than good. Then to top it off the doctor was cursing in front of my son. I always have told my son its very unprofessional to curse and you do not see hear professional people talk like that. I know I need to find a new doctor, so should I just go online and find one, will his old doctor refill his medication NY son doesn't need to stop cold turkey, if he dose will it harm him.
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   If you don't like or trust your doctor, definitely get a new one.  What med is he on and I can tell you if stopping is a problem?
   By the way, since this is an ADHD forum, it sounds like the school and perhaps you could use some more info on how to help kids with ADHD.   I have lots of good links if there is any specific thing you would like to know more about.  Best wishes.
He is on
He is taking adderall and trazodone. I would like to know a good doctor thats treats teen for ADHD and is taking new patients in the Modesto area.  I am open to changing his medication.
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   Adderall you can stop any time with no problem.  Trazodone needs to be tapered off - "Your doctor should be recommending that you reduce your dosage by 50–100mg a day every 3–5 days if you need to stop taking trazodone."   Trazodone is an anti-anxiety/depression med and helps a lot for sleeping at night.   Adderall is a standard med for ADHD.  
   You do want to see if the Adderall is wearing off too soon.   Does he do better in morning classes then in the afternoon, etc.  That would indicate he might be under medicated.  
   You might want to see if his school, (counselors or psychologist) could recommend a local doctor.
    By the way, your doc really sounds like he has no idea of how to work with ADHD kids.  What kind of a doctor is he (pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or?)
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