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im currently waiting to see a psychitrist to get an evaluation for ADD.

the idea was brought up by the observation of my last psychologist, i stopped going to him because he was pushing issues that were non-exsistent. like always asking if ive ever been molested or raped, although i told him over & over, never.  therefore my evaluation wasnt very thorough.

til i see another one, my dr put me on 10 mgs of ritalin to take twice a day.

what exactly can i expect in an evaluation for ADD...cuz i dont wanna waste money going to see one, if it seems pointless...even though im gonna end up seeing them either way cuz ive been on 100 mgs of zoloft & have tried downgrading to just 50.

just wondering really
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  As an adult usually a psychologist will just take your word for it. That is they'll ask you questions about your past and how you feel everyday, what your main issues are, etc. and just decide from that. They might have you take a test or it could be all verbal. Really think about your answers and be absolutely honest. There are lots of good books out there with which to educate yourself with about ADHD. Do you have a library you can use? If depression is one of your main symptoms than I don't see why ADHD is to blame. Have you been diagnosed with anything else - like depression or bipolar?
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Funny you mention bipolar, cuz ive had the idea pointed out to me by my mom many times as well as my oldest sister, who is bipolar.  My moms just always thought my depression has come straight from my knee problem i had for two years, that kinda kept me in a funk & limited from doing a lot.  But i keep telling her i have issues in social places too sometimes, even though, sometimes i cant help but just talk A LOT & continuously...but on the other hand. Ive having a lot of trouble when it comes to school cuz reading is such a problem for me & has been for as far back as i can remember.  3 of the classes im taking this semester im retaking cuz i failed them last semester, i cant afford to retake em again or else im paying out-of-state tuition. sorry i started rambling lol
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  Well, bipolar often runs in families so it seems very possible. Once again, a good psychologist will ask enough questions to see this in you (if it's true). Tell them that you want that checked for too.
  You have trouble reading? Hasn't this ever addressed in public school before? Are you dyslexic do you think? You shouldn't have to struggle like this with 0 support!!! Go to your college's counselors and tell them your problem! As a person with a disability you have the right to an education and I don't think you understand what your rights are worth.
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i wouldnt say dyslexic. my boyfriend is actually dyslexic, & i can very much tell so like he doesnt like sending out long text messages cuz its hard for him to. & when he does send me them i can tell his letter get mixed up sometimes. i could write & go on for forever. i explain things better in writing. i just cant comprehend what i read when i read it. i had to do some main idea exercises for my reading class on the computer at home & its in the living room. i had to sit here with my hands over my ears & reading it out loud to myself to understand what i was reading.

im part of the dissabilities support services in school which allows me extended time to take tests & take it there in a room by myself away from distraction.  im allowed to have a voice recorder in class (although most teachers arent opposed to it anyways). i have note taker paper, the kind that if you put 2 on top of each other itll go through to the other side so i can have people take notes for me.

i just recently went to the vocational rehab center to get help from them. i explained to them i havent gotten an actual evaluation for add & they had me sign a release form to get what they can from my last psych & if its not enough (which i know its not), the school will pay for me to see another one. so im just waiting for them to fax that info to the school
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I'm relieved to here that you're getting help. It sounds like you're actually on the forefront of what assistance available. Keep up all the hard work. You're making all of us ADHD college drop outs proud.
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