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My 9 year old son has been caught at home and at school smearing poop on walls & doors. He also has an issue with bed wetting and now he sometimes pees in his underwear during the day. He has been diagnosed with ADHD. He hides his soiled clothes and lies about it.  He also bites and chews on things. I'm honestly at my wits end and all I want to do is cry. When I ask him why he does this he says he doesn't know why  he says he just has a problem and can't help it. It's weird I know he knows it's wrong and he really wants to stop. He is a sweet kid and I just want to help h enjoy his life. It's like everyday it's something it's so hard.  I'm so lost and I need any help I  can get!  
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   It is not unusual for an ADHD child to have these problems.  Couple of questions so I can help.  
      1.  Is he on meds?  If so, what?
       2.  Is there a time of the day when he seems to have the most problems?  ie.  Can you tell if the pooping happens more in the morning or afternoon.
       3.  Does he have this problem on weekends?
        4.  Did he have this problem over the summer?
        5.  Did he have this porblem last year?
    The biting an chewing on things is not unusual and I will give you ideas for that - but lets deal with the pooping, peeing first.  Oh, has his doctor given you any ideas on things to do?
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   Sorry you haven't gotten back to me as I could give more specific answers if I knew more.   At least check out this link.  You should find it helpful.
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