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im not sure

well, my problem is that i have a real hard time paying attention in class, and its also realy hard for me to keep still. it feel like i have to move my feet or my arms every five seconds. I keep hearing these thinks about add and adhd. well i dont know if i have it or if its just all in my head becuase its my last year of high school and everyone says 12 grade is the most stress full year. But if  do have add or adhd, i wont know how to tell my dad. I told him that its hard for me to  pay attention in class and all he said was "if you cant pay attention then you wont graduate". (some help he is.)
please, i need help and advice.
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You know I was like that but there was no one there telling me I might have something that would put a label on me forever,or put me on Drugs, my Mom got me exercising more when I was home . Try getting some sport going and exercise your legs and back, we all get bored I would look out of the windows for hours, I doubt very much if you have ADD but if you are worried you can go into the search Engine for more answers or speak to your Dad and another Relative ask them what they think, I feel you would have more going on  than restlessness.You sound plain old bored maybe some subjects are less interesting, ask your friends perhaps they feel the same way. Good Luck
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It is possible that you have ADD, but it is hard to tell from what you have written. ADD is something that you have from early childhood, so if your symptoms have only recently appeared then it won't be ADD. However, some people, particularly females, have less obvious symptoms as young children and find they actually get slightly worse as they get older. Also, most people with ADD will find that their symptoms get worse when they are under a lot of stress, so it wouldn't be surprising if it got worse at this point in your life. I had problems my whole life, but they only became really serious problems towards the end of school too. As a young child I was bright enough to get away with being a bit dopey sometimes so no-one ever realised there was a problem until I was in secondary school, and even then they thought that telling me to pay attention would solve it somehow!! (I know exactly how you feel about your Dad's comment!! I can remember thinking "well, if I knew HOW to try harder I would!").

The best person to talk to, if your Dad isn't being very sympathetic, is probably a teacher who you get on reasonably well with. If there aren't any teachers you find approachable, then try your doctor, or if the school has a counsellor or something, talk to them. Whoever you go and see, it might be worth printing a bit of information off a good quality website about ADD, since some people (including some doctors) aren't very well informed about it. If you want to get a better idea about whether you really might have it before you talk to someone, try taking a few of the many online tests out there. Here's a couple to start with (I did find a really good one a while ago but I couldn't find it just now when I searched):
The first one is aimed at adults and the second is for children; I think it'd be best for you to try both since you're at a sort of "in between" age!

It could of course just be that you are stressed and a bit bored! You're probably getting a bit fed up with school by this point, and it could be that which is making you feel restless. Are you finding the work a bit difficult? Or is it just not interesting you enough? Perhaps you could look for some books that cover the same subject areas you are studying, but are presented in a more interesting way than your textbooks. And why not try out a few new ways of studying & making notes, like mindmapping (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map)? I was useless at studying at school, but after leaving and doing some more courses I learnt about mindmapping and found that it suited my way of thinking much better than the way I tried to study at school (it helps you see the links between things, and is particularly good for more visual people). I'm now at university and I use mindmapping all the time.

Even if it's not ADD, it's still a good idea to talk to your teachers and tell them you're having trouble. If you make it clear that you want to learn & you are interested in doing well they will be glad to help you. You don't have to have an "official" medical problem to get help!
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