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masterbation and severe ADHD

my grandson is 12 and is always playing with him self at home in school or any were the mood strikes him and now I hear hear heavey breathing when this is happening what should I do or how can i help him controll these inpulses he a attends a special school for kids with problems and we have trouble with behovier and being mean and striking out at staff he takes vyvanse 50 mg @6:30 and noon for his ADHD has trouble sleeping at night he also takes mirtazapine 15 mg to help him sleep guanfacine 1mg 1/2 3 times a day he also will poo in his pants can antone help mw with this thank you
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first have you  read about all the side effects of the medicines he is on.
The medicines they give these children these days are worse for them than what they where when they first started to have problems.

have they checked your grandson for other things other than ADHD or did they just give him medicine, with out checking his blood  and  his brain .To make sure there is not something else going  on with him.

have he seen anyone for him and his family to talk about what is going on.

about him putting his hands down his pants you need to let him know there is a time and a place for it,And keep reminding him of it.
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what kind of blood tests should I be asking for and yes they did a sleep depreation test with electrodes all over his head he has been on almost all of the ADHD med they work for awhile and then seem to taper off he can be very diffacult wit no meds and has hurt me he weighs about 125 and is almost 5ft tall ilove him as if my own I have had him with me since he was 4 weeks old thank you for any help with this young man
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With all the medicines he has been on I beet he has gotten worse and not better. These drugs have so many side effects,I would look up every medicine he has ever been on and see what the side effects are from them and bring them to a counselors attention.          

Has anyone ever looked at him for being bipolar ?

With all the medicines he has been on and still is on medicines,they should be checking his blood levels for the medicines he is on and where they are at to make sure they are not to high or to low,they should also be checking his liver levels and kidney levels along with his thyroid levels .this should be done at lest 4 times a year.

I notice you said you have had him since he was 4 weeks old. Can you tell us about his parents and where they are with all this?They may have something to do with why he is doing what he is and has been acting the way he is.And that is why the medicines are not working for him and could oly be hurting him and not helping him.

try giving him Omega 3 and B6 Vitamins .
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His mother is in and out of the state I never were she is we may hear from a friend she is back here or coming back if we should happen to run into her she will tell him she is sending something in the mail which never arrives his father is my son and lives 2hrs away has a wife and a daughter (who is normal) we see them as often as poss. and he calls dad or dad calls him his MOM is schio and has problems and has siuzers and has another child she lost because of nelect who we also see on onacassion he has also lost his grandfather (my husband)  who he called pop and was very close to he has been though so much in his life he is 12 age wise but about 7/8 mentely I have prayed for help and thought we were on the right path the school he goes to have childre in is class are all autisc and he has picked up ther habits some days I don't know were to turn or what to do to help him he is very smart when he wants to be but would weather play all day then read or write and now we are having a intervention to see what we can do to help him thanks for letting me vent and writing back to me
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   Boy, you nailed that one on the head.  Poor kid got his mom's genes.  Its so sad because the child has done nothing to deserve the plate that he has been served.  And you are dealing with this all alone.  I feel for you.  
   The first thing you must do is to get some more information from the people that deal with this daily.  I mean his teachers.  His behavior is not that unusual for kids in the "special" school.  The teachers see it all the time.  Get there ideas on how to handle the situation.    Also please realize that this is very different then if a child in a regular school setting is doing this, and consequently different actions are called for.
  The intervention should (hopefully) really help.  I am guessing that he is just out of elementary school and is now in middle school.  They usually are much better equipped to handle children with his problems.  They should also hopefully be able to direct you to other resources so you are not doing this alone.  Information is key.  They will be able to help with some of this.
  Do keep in mind that he is at an age where he may go through a growth spurt.  Medications are based on weight and severity of the illness.  If he has not had any dosage  increase in a while, it may be time for a upgrade.  Communication with your doctor is really important!!!  so is communication with your school.
  You are an absolute SAINT - but even they need help.  You can't do this alone.  
Best Wishes !!!!
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From what you just told us.No wounder the child is having so mean problems.I can't be live with all this poor little boy has gone threw that the doctors put him on medicine.

He should have a councilor at school to talk and I would call and talk to them myself if I where you.

Has he been checked to see if he is having seizures like his mom.

And if you don't mind ,why is he not with his dad your son?

This child is feeling lost and and I am sure he misses his mom ,dad,and his grandfather.And no medicine can fix that.He may also feel like he did something wrong and that is why all these bad things are happening to him.
I am glad he has you,but I am sure he feels like no one wants him other than you.And that is hard on a child.

He needs to be able to talk with someone out side the family about how he feels about everything that has happen in his life.And not feel that what ever he feels is wrong.

I pray you get him the right help,and in my mind medicine is not going to help him.And also being with children that are autistic is not good for him because he needs be around child his age and do the things they do to feel more normal.

take care and god bless this young man to be.
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