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hello.  i was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 many years ago.  have been on antidepressents and mood stabilizers in the past and they never, ever helped me with anything.  things just seem to have gootten worse over time.
i took the dsm test online for adhd and came up with a 45, which was very high and very indicative of this disorder.  i have an appt with a new shrink coming up and hope he can and will help me.  is it possible i have been misdiagnosed, and, if so, how can i convince the doc?  they seem a very tight community and are reluctant to change an existing diagnosis.  thank you.
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    The understanding of ADHD has come a long ways over the years.  We now know that there are many types of coexisting disorders (most of which have been caused by the ADHD or ADD).  For example check out my post on ODD here http://www.medhelp.org/posts/ADD---ADHD/Adult-with-ODD/show/1966456#post_9234381
   It is possible that with a severe case of ODD, your doctor figured it was bipolar.   And maybe not.   But, in the good ole days, a doctor was more apt to sedate, then give a stim med.
   To answer your question, bone up on all the info you can on ADHD.  This is a pretty good site.   http://www.help4adhd.org/en/treatment/guides/WWK9
   I would also think that a written record by you of the meds tried and their effects would be important.
  Hopefully, your doc has experience with ADHD, if not find one that does.
  Good luck.  Keep us posted as to what happens.  It may help someone else down the line!  Best wishes and if you need any more info - please post!
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   Oh, and here is one of the few links I have found that discuss both bipolar and ADHD - it is http://www.webmd.com/bipolar-disorder/guide/bipolar_disorder_or_adhd
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According to the Books I read on Magnesium, Depression, Bipolar Diagnosis, Stresses and hundreds more of symptoms could all possibly be caused by Magnesium Deficiency. Just sending you the info so that you could search on it.   There is so much to learn. There is Mg L Threonate that was recently discovered (2010) by MIT that bypasses the blood brain barrier and could help with memory and organization skills. It will take time to build Mg normal levels, but it works. It has been working for me :) I have been on it 6 months..You could get this from Swanson or Amazon. I take 3 caps a day as per instructions on the bottle. I could memorize numbers again like I used to - 10 years ago.:)
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