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my daugthger

my daughter was put on ritalian 2 times a day, at her old school she was getting suspended at least once a week but at this school the teachers seem to care more and she got an award for good behavior the first in i dont know how long,the doctor dosen't think she as adhd but thinks she as add i don't want her on medicines for the rest of her life can you suggest any thing else?
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Sounds like the Ritalin is quite beneficial for your daughter.  Some people grow out of ADHD.  Your daughter may not need medication for the rest of her life.  Girls typically have more inattentive symptoms of ADHD, while boys have more hyperactive symptoms.  
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My son grew out of it at about age 15.  We didnt use medication but he was bad.

He is nearly 18 now + doing great!
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