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My 9yr old son was diagnosed a year ago with adhd. I have been giving him daily omega 3 drops, vitamin D and multivitamins. I have seen some improvement with his concentration , however would like to know if anyone can recommend any other natural supplements that has worked for their child or they have benefited from?
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I let my daughter drink coffee.
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We had another post just a few days ago that also let her daughter drink coffee.  Interesting.

To zoelyka, I highly recommending trying something called 'heavy work' to help with symptoms of add/adhd.  You can google sensory processing disorder and heavy work to get a full list of ideas.  Basically this is physical activity, muscle work, sensory experiences, and deep pressure that provides a calming affect to the nervous system.  Many kids with add/adhd have comorbid sensory  issues as well as add/adhd can sometimes be confused for sensory because the symptoms can be similar.  My son has sensory integration disorder and we've found the 'heavy work' to be essential to his staying calm and foucused and organized.  

Things that work well with my 9 year old son now are swimming.  He's on swim team and this exercise provides both heavy muscle work and deep pressure.  Famous add/adhd swimmer is Michael Phelps who publically talks about this exercise as helpful to his disorder.  My son also does well to climb a play structure or climbing wall, hang on monkey bars, do push ups and crab walks, jump on a trampoline, chew bubble gum, etc.  All give input that is calming to the nervous system.  

If you'd like more ideas of things to do along the lines of 'heavy work' please ask.  We started doing it when my son was 3.  

Another thing you can do is have your son tested for food sensitivities.  This is not allergies that you typically think of but rather a sensitivity that causes behavioral reaction.  We did this and didn't have any findings of sensitivity, but our occupational therapist swears by this testing and that once certain foods are identified specific to a  child, addressing that causes a change in behavior.  

Also, teaching a child of 9 organizational skills will help now and in the future.  My son carries a planner to school and writes down what he needs to do in list fashion which helps him make sure he doesn't miss anything.  He organizes things in specific ways that helps him stay on task and to not get distracted.

Offering things like a fidget (squeezy ball) at school also is a natural way of keeping kids centered.  

good luck
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   I agree with specialmom.  Whether its stimulant meds or natural meds, they are only a partial answer.  Teaching your child coping strategies for ADHD is also extremely important.  And as I have said numerous times over the last 5 years, no one has ever posted about a natural medication that has worked, but outside of the expense it usually never hurts to try.  However, there are things to avoid.  Check out these links -http://www.medhelp.org/add-adhd?section=articles
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  Im curious to know if "Synaptol" really works as it claims. Suppose to be all natural. My 3 y/o grandson has just been diagnosed w/ADHD & possible bipolar BUT only has the horrible fits at school. He has already been kicked out of 3 daycares for going crazy, ex. biting hiting, kicking, stabbing w/whatever he can get his hands on. The thought of him being medicated at such an early age just kills me & the side effects are very scary. Is it as good as it says it is???   KadensGran1963
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   Kind of weird that he has been diagnosed as ADHD if it only happens at preschool.  Clinical guidelines are very clear that it must be happening at two or more places.  Also guidelines are pretty clear about not medicating at such an early age until other measures have been tried.
   I have had various people ask about Synaptol and I have always replied to please let me know if it has worked for you.  I have never heard anything back.  I researched the ingredients a while ago.  Its a very "shotgun" approach.  And some of the 15 or so things are actually kind of dangerous, but there is such a small amount of them in the medicine that I doubt that they pose any danger.  Personal opinion is that it is a typical "shotgun" naturalistic approach that is designed to sound good while taking your money.  It is very expensive and I am fairly sure that if it worked, I would have read about it.   There are certainly other things to try first behavior wise.
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