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new medication and side effects

hi ok i was put on concerta 36mg about 2 weeks ago and weened off of zoloft 200 mg and put on at the same time 10 now 20 mg of celexa. the first week i was feeling great!! was finally sleeping well, woke up energized and moods were stable. than this week i went down hill. i felt like i was on crack all day!! my brain was foggy, yet overstimulated. couldnt interpret what people were wanting from me. i heard them but just panic mode set in. i want to know could it be an side effect of the concerta? i also had a few panic attacks and i have never had one of them.  i also had some mania feelings. like the energizer bunny. my brain wouldnt slow down and my body was like pumping. today i have energy and organized. yesterday, i was in like a melt down mode. my brain again was foggy, tired and all i wanted to do was sleep. ugh!!! any advice!!

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   Had you been on anything like concerta before?   Reason I ask is that some people (apparantly about 30%) respond to adderall better then concerta.  Also, if you had not been on a sitmulant med before, it does take awhile to your body to adjust.  If you are used to stimulant meds, then I certainly would think that the celexa or the interaction of the two is the problem.   And it well may be that in a few more days, you will adjust.
  But whatever,  it is unfortunately true that taking these meds is a bit of a trial and error process because everybody is different.  That is why it is so important to have good communication with your doctor so these can be fine tuned.  And that is why the best advice from me is to let your doctor know what is going on.  Any good doc that starts somebody on new meds is waiting to hear how it works - let them know.  Hope tomorrow is better than today!
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That is the problem with these drugs. They are often worse than the ailment they are supposed to cure.  
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hi, concerta ,and stratara, and all the others my doc put me on didn't come close to adderall. focalin worked to but was costly. adderall leavels your brain, and lets you be yourself. the way your supose to be.
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