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not sure if my son has dyslexia or adhd..help??!!

my son is going into grade 2 and he's been really really struggling with reading. the teacher says sometimes he acts dyslexic and sometimes he acts adhd. she said it's like he zones out trying so hard to focus and do well that by lunch he's so exhausted that he can't focus anymore. he was born at 31 weeks at 5 pounds 10 ounces if that makes a difference. his dad is adhd.. but i'm no longer with him. my son will sit and read with you but it has to be one on one... he's hardly able to make out words like "jump" and the word "oh" really gets him because of the silent h. i don't know what to do with it. i'm trying really hard to work with him but it's frustrating. i do have a boyfriend but we don't live together so i'm alone 95% of the time. you have to tell him repeatedly to do something and it's like you have to make sure he's listening and give him one instruction at a time. he hates coloring, but he absolutely loves music and fixing things. he has the kindest heart and just wants to read and be with the other kids but he keeps having to be pulled aside. with everyday life it gets frustrating because he feels like he's different from the other kids and it seems to hurt him emotionally. any advice or tips would be a life saver..... thanks in advance.
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You are correct in that he probably feels different from other kids.  And that will slowly build and hurt him emotionally.
  My first question seems kind of silly, but it really helps me to know how much info to send you.  In your profile, you have the word Turin.  Which makes it sound like you are in Italy?   Basically, this is important because at this point, schools can be very helpful - or not at all, in which case you need a lot more info.   So first question is what kind of school is he in and where.  Oh, and how old is he?
   If his dad has ADHD, there is a decent chance your son could also have it.  It is a highly genetic disorder.  However, it is not unusual to have both ADHD and to be dyslexic.  I have links on the symptoms of both.   I will hunt those down and send them to you.
   And, yes, giving kids with ADHD instructions is certainly more difficult.  The best way is to make sure you have eye contact and then to have them repeat the instruction.
   It sounds like you have a pretty good feeling on how to interact with him.  What is so super important is to make sure that his next teacher is aware of what is going on.   Do let me know what kind of school and where it is he will be going to.  I have tons of things that can help you....help him.  
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We live in a hamlet called Turin, not Italy. He's in a public school about 30 minutes from where we live. The teacher has said some days it seems like dyslexia and some it seems like a adhd. I have just spent like 2 hours on the phone finding a place that does testing for it and I have an appointment. This is going to sound stupid but I'm going against all my family by having him tested. My parents don't believe that it's even real. I have been told many times that I just need to read to him more and he'll get it. We've ruled out vision problems.... we went to 5 different doctors. I felt so bad because my daughter is reading 300 page chapter books but I have to go into the infant section to find books for my son. I've tried practicing with him but he struggles sleep much that he gets frustrated.
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    Ahh, a hamlet.  So I assume you are in England.  Reason I ask is that I am trying to figure out how much help the public schools will be.
    Also, you must have some auto correct thing going on as ...  &#39.... keeps popping up.  Think I can figure out what you mean most of the time.
     I have some good links to send you.  The major point of the links is that YES, both are real.  And its important to find out if he has both because they are treated differently and if he has both - they both need to be treated.
     I could not tell from your post if he was going to be tested for dyslexia or adhd or both?    But, congratulations for going through the hard work to find someone who would do the testing.  It is super important to know what is going on.   If he is only being tested for dyslexia, I can also send some links on adhd - kind of sounds like he could have what is now known as inattentive adhd.
   This is a good overall link on the dyslexia/adhd connection.
   At the bottom of this link are some specific things that can be done to help with dyslexia.
       Here are a series of books that are recommended for kids with dyslexia.
    And finally here are two links on adhd/add that will give you an overall view.

    I hope this helps.   Best wishes!
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