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please could u help

hi there i have had adhd for quite a while now and just thought i would ask how can i keep calm and not get stressed because i very easerly get worked up and i would love to no how i can keep my self calm with out losing my temper or getting stressed any ideas please get back to me
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   This is a really good link to Anger Overload in kids.  The strategies work well for adults too.   http://www.chadd.org/Portals/0/AM/Images/Understading/AUG01AngerOverloadinChildren-DiagnosticandTreatmentIssues.pdf
    It essentially comes down to anticipation and then alternate ways of dealing with the trigger point.
    Of course, there are things like physical exercise, medication, a good nights sleep that can really reduce the stress points.
     You also might want to check out this link to one of my favorite adult ADD sites that deals with anger.   http://jeffsaddmind.com/category/anger
      And finally, this is a great site with lots of good practical ideas.
       Please let me know which one you find the most useful.  (Kind of betting on the last one).  Best wishes.
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thank you sandman2 i will have a look at them and i will let u no wich one works out better for me i appreasiate that and i will let u no how i get on
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