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risky behavior

is there a drug for ADHD that helps with risky behaviors and impulsiveness.  It seems that my 17 year old is not able to understand consequences and continues to make poor decisions in all areas of her life.  She has now lost her chance at going to a four year college becasue of her grades.  It is like she must have instant gratification and cannot discipline herself lik a normal teenager.  
My daughter has so much potential and is literally throwing her life away by doing drugs and skipping school. I KNOW something is not normal , I just can not find the answer or who to go to for help.  SHe has had counseling, been on lexapro and concerta.  The concerta helped with attention in school, but she chose to "party " instead of study at home.
She has had anger problems and become agressive at home. She has put holes in our walls during anger fits.
She has always been able to sit still in class and church, so I wonder if she truly is ADHD, but her impulsivenss and inappropriate behavior is my concern.  She has neve been able to keep friends. ( which really hurts her self esteem)
I am heartbroken but I have other children and her problems are putting such a strain on my family.
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  Her behaviors are very typical for ADHD and to some extent for ADD.  In fact, the book,  "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley  lists many of the things she is doing.  You might want to buy the book - its pretty cheap and can be bought via Amazon.  It would probably help you to understand what she is going through.
  To answer your question.  Concerta will help with impulsiveness and attention span problems.  However, used just by itself it will not be enough.  You said you have gone through counseling, and obviously have used doctors to get the prescriptions for the meds.  But I do wonder how long your daughter has used the medication and what kind of doctors you have used?
   What she is exhibiting is more typical of kids who have kind of lately been diagnosed and have a whole lifetime of bad experiences built up due to ADHD or ADD.  If you want to get a feeling for how powerful an effect these can have on you - watch this video by a young lady in college with ADD - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rybVzoKOwWA
   I think the strain on your family can (in a way) can  be less if you realize what your daughter is dealing with.  The video helps.  The strain will be a lot less if you know and understand how to work with you.  And this is what confuses me.  This is Basic Training 101.  Any good doctor who knows and understands ADHD/ADD should have been giving you and her this information.  At this point in time, you should not be having these questions!  This should have been explained to you a long time ago!
    The scary thing is that you don't have a lot of time left.  Soon your daughter will be 18 and can do as she pleases.  I would look for a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD and get some competent help.
     OK, I just went back and read all of your posts to the Thyroid Disorders Community.  This complicates matters. Obviously, if it is any kind of a thyroid issue - that has got to be solved.  If she has ADHD on top of that I really feel for her!
  I know that ADHD/ADD will cause the problems you have mentioned.  I think that thyroid problems will cause similar problems.  Both are treatable, but as you could tell in the rather lengthy post that you added to - it can be hard to pin down.  So your first step is to find out what is going on.  I would assume by now that you know if she has a thyroid problem.  If that is being corrected, then its time to work on the other problem.  And I really can't tell how much help she has gotten for ADHD.  As I said, you don't seem to have a good grasp of the situation (not your fault - her doctors fault), which makes me suspect that maybe she has not gotten the help she needed?
   Anyway, I think its time for you to start doing a lot of research.  To say that time is running out is ridiculous because you know that.  Information is super important here.  If we can help any more - please post!   And Best Wishes!
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Do you have an opinion which type of drug would be better for the ADHD, stimulants or antistimulants?  Isnt concerta a stimulant and strattera an anti stimulant?

My brother is ADHD (he is 58)  He was punished most of his childhood life by my dad for his behavior, now as an adult he really has social issues.  It is interesting though, he has always been able to sit and read for hours on end. ( without being medicated because noone knew about adhd in the 60's )  What do you think about that?

Took her to doctor to do more intense testing on thyroid, waiting for results

I will buy the book today. ANy ideas on how to find the right doctors?  I wish I could contact the many doctors on line who seem to have new ideas on thryorid and ADHD issues. Is that ever possible?

Thank you so very much for your response!!!!!!!!!
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  I think it really is a matter of which drug (if you go the medication route) works best for the patient.  You can google "strattera vs adderall", and get a variety of opinions - which are worth reading.
Interesting about your brother.  By the way ADHD is generally thought to be genetic.  Many people think that someone with ADHD can't sit still, but they are wrong.  ADHD can lead to a hyper focus where if something is interesting to the person, they can spend hours doing it.   Your brother might also be interested in the book I mentioned.  It will explain a lot to him.  It really is pretty common for people with ADHD who were treated as "discipline problems" to have problems as they got older.  Many times it led to self medication with alcohol or drugs.  I really felt for kids in the 60's and 70's (well heck, it happens even now) who went through school with ADHD and no help.  It had to be an incredibly helpless, demoralizing feeling.
    I am glad to see that you are doing more thyroid testing.  One way or the other it should give you some answers.
    Doctor wise, given the possibility of a thyroid problem, I would certainly concentrate on local psychiatrists  (since they are also medical doctors) who also specialize in ADHD.  
   By the way, due to your posts I googled "thyroid and adhd" and found some really interesting sites.  A great one on ADHD with a ton of information is - http://www.supreme.state.az.us/casa/prepare/adhd.html.  Not only does this cover medications, symptoms, etc. but does mention thyroid issues.   Finally this site covers how thyroid issues can look completely like ADHD problems - http://discovermagazine.com/2007/sep/vital-signs-misdiagnosing-adhd/article_view?b_start:int=1&-C=
     Hope some of this helps.  I know I learned a lot.
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I am getting ready to go to the site you recommended.  I was aware of the ADHD mimic of thyroid conditions because my son's IQ test dropped 50 % points and he was exited from the academically gifted program in school. ( it was then that I had his thyroid tested and realized he too was hypo)  
Oh boy, that was a fight with the school system, but after 3 months, I won and he was put back into the program.  It was very damaging to his self esteem. I will never forget him asking me through his tears, "Mom, how come I am not smart anymore?"  "Why am I the only one who was kicked out of the high classes?" He is medicated now but still does not make the grades he used to. He now has a 504 in place, but I think a lot of teachers do not realize the cognitive development effect your thyorid plays. I am constantly working and researching for him as well. So I really appreciate the site you sent. On my way to it now ...thanks!
I will get back with you Wed. I should have my daughter's lab results then.

Soooooooooo, you can see
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My $0.02 is if Adderrall doesn't work try it's cousin Vyvanse.  I was taking Adderall but after reading some positive posts on this site, I switched.  I think it works much better. I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until about 5 years ago,  am 44 now, is half the battle to treating/overcoming deficiency.  I believe that after however many years I've had ADHD or progressively regressed, its going to take much time to change this behavior.  The medication helped a great deal at first but I recently realized I may be slipping on helping it along.  For example, I was amazed at when I began the medication, I could actually look others in the eye when I spoke to them.  I don't think I've done that since High School or earlier.  Hence, resting on my laurals and relying on the medication, I've forgotten to practice and continuously remind myself ot continue to look others in the eye.  This has helped when I do this.  Good Luck and God Bless.  Feel free to contact me with an concerns.
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