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risperdal for ADHD?

my son 6 year and the doctor said that he suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and he advise to give him risperdal but i'm afraid to give him that medicine and i don't know if it is effective in this case or not , and if not how can i withdraw it safely , i'm a pharmacist but i have no idea about that case
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   as I am a psychologist and not a physician, my knowledge of psychotropic medications is limited. As I am sure you know, risperdal is an antipsychotic medication. Stimulants and selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (Strattera) are most commonly prescribed to manage symptoms of ADHD. Not every child can tolerate stimulants, but it sounds like you have not tried this course yet. I have worked  with children who present with more severe behavior problems who were prescribed risperdal or clonidine, so it may be useful to you to ask your physician why he/she has selected that drug in particular for your son.

Psychological testing may be useful in determining to what extent your son has difficulty thinking clearly, and can inform medication choices. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment plan, you should discuss it with your prescribing physician. I often refer people directly to pediatric psychiatrists instead of to general practitioners in the event that a child presents with a complicated case. You may find it beneficial to discuss your case with a pediatric psychiatrist if you have not yet done so. If you can not find someone willing to discuss your concerns, you may wish to seek a practitioner who can spend more time collaborating with you.

Best Wishes
Rebecca Resnik
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thank you
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