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side effects of adderall - swollen tongue and painful leisions on the side?? how do i get rid of this???

i started taking the generic for adderall 3 d/ ago and i have a sore throat and my tongue is a bit swollen and i developed these lesions.. one on each side of my tongue and its very irritating and a little painful. at the dentist yesterday they told me its wasn't an infection but they thought it was a side effect from unknowingly clenching my teeth, and rubbing against my tongue due to the adderall. i slept with a bite plate thing's last night to protect the sides of my tongue and they were a little better today. but now the tip of my tongue has all these little irritated taste buds and feels like i burnt it. i spoke to the pharmacist and he thinks its a reaction due to decreased saliva and recommended artificial saliva  to lubricate my mouth?  im 32 y/o. take 40mg of prozac a day and have suffered from depression on and off since my mom died 8 y/ago. recently ive been under an extreme amount of stress. other than this i really like it. it really helps me! what should i do? thanks!
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BTW?? i take 20mg of adderall in the morning and 20mg more in the afternoon...
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I have the same problem; sores on both sides of my tongue and at the tip of it, swollen lymphnodes, and excessive salivation. Due to my incredibly demanding schedule, I take considerably higher doses of adderall though, way more than any doctor would advise. In addition, I  drink 6 hour extreme energy shots every few hours. I go several days at a time without sleeping, and I often forget to eat until I get sick after a day or two. So I figured the oral trouble was a sign of something much more serious because of my lifestye, but since you only take 40mg a day and have the same problems, I'm not so worried anymore. I first developed these symptoms about a month ago and went to a specialist for it because I thought the sores might be cancer because I have dipped for several years. He assured me that it's not cancer and doesn't look to be viral. He said it's a chemical reaction to something I probably ate. I know it is a result of the way I abuse my body, but I am curious what the exact cause is and if it could be a sign of a more problematic, internal reaction.
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I have these & I can't take it anymore...the rubbing of my tongue on the roof of my mouth & teeth due to the Adderall IR & XR...If I recall correctly, it all started when I switched from Adderall to the generic. Has anyone gotten any feedback to this problem? Thanks,
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I have the same issues about the tip of the tongue burning and sides of my mouth getting sores.  I take generic amphetamine salts 20-20mg/day

If I don´t want this to happen at all what I do is only take adderall 2-3 days a week.

But maybe I should switch back to XR  if I don´t want this tongue pain...
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Same issues as @TimeFlyer but only when taking way more than prescribed and not sleeping for days with a little boost of energy drinks, coffee.
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This Tongue problem is the side effect of using Adderall medicine. Adderall should be used as prescribed and should avoid overdose, this tongue problem is a minor side effect and if your problem isn't resolved thn you should need to contact your health specialist. Maybe there is a issue with your dosage.
I'm just a normal student and had been on adderal a few years ago because I have add. The first time they put me on a very high dosage and my tung also developed soars and swelled up. I figured it was because I had a few broken teeth and my tung was being cut open. But that did not explain that under my tung at the tip of that connection tissue is a small lump the grew "huge like a wall" when I got off of it everything went back to normal.  I recently went back on it, however a lower dosage of 15 twice a day.  It began happening after the first day. Note I had a few root canals done so it was not due to the teeth.  Now it was  not as bad as the first time. I should say also that I have tried vivace and both adderall extended release and instant release. All of them did the same thing to my tung. I hope this helps someone.  It was comforting to know that I am not the only one experiencing these side effects.  I believe that maybe we are allergic or having a negative side effect to  the salts. This could also go along with the lack of naturally salivating.  I am personally am going to bring this up to my doctor and am going to try something else like Ritalin. So...to save your time and money I will state that in my experience it does not matter everyone which type of adderall you use the result is the same. The person I am posting to has the best advice ...go to ur doctor.  He won't just stop treating ur ADHD/ADD He will try something else. And for all the illegal users out there, ask yourself is it really not worth it to have this type of reaction? It is unhealthy to not be able to go to the doctors. Find a legal way so at least u can get medically advised by someone who went has a degree.    
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I cannot believe I have gone to my dentist, my GP, and PD with this problem, and all they suggested is that I see an Oral Surgeon, and they even scheduled an appointment for me to have a biopsy on the white spot on the side of my tongue.  I described in detail to my PD today the problems I have been having with dry mouth, swollen tongue, sores on my tongue, and excessive worry that it might be cancer!  What is wrong with her, that she wouldn't mention that Adderall could be causing this problem?  I also drink a lot of coffee during the day, and don't get adequate sleep because I have a job and many home responsibilities.  Just wanted to share with others, in case it can help others.  I am really losing faith in the medical community--I'm finding out patients have to do their OWN research on every drug and disease!
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