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side effects of adderall

Can anybody tell me if they have had these problems while on adderall.
chest pain, numbness and light headedness. I take the drug for attention
deficit and it works really well so I don't want to change drugs any help
will be appreciated
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I have taken adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) on and off since 1999, at dosages between 40mg and 80mg per day, and have experienced those three symptoms and about 23 more. The numbness and lightheadedness are probably caused by orthostatic hypotension (yes, the stimulant can cause a significant DROP in blood pressure, bradycardia and tachycardia). Try not to consume alcohol for atleast 5 hours after your last adderall dose. Keep your blood volume adequate by staying hydrated and nourished. Never take a "sustained release" version of adderall, no matter what the pharmaceutical companies tell you. As with any stimulant med, always keep a fast-acting benzodiazepine on hand, preferably xanax (alprazolam). If you start feeling dizzy while your blood pressure is normal, and you start to panick, take 1mg xanax and save yourself the physiological assault of a panick attack.
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Just started on Adderrall for ADD (although I don't know if I have it), but I have not experienced those symptoms except for maybe lightheadedness.  Your numbness would have to be more specific as numbing of what?  Fingers, arms, or just your mental state?  And, what kind of chest pains?

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In the first few weeks of an ADD medicine, sometimes I was a little dizzy, and chills/poor temperature regulation.  They all went away after a few weeks.
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My daughter was adderall and she was so depressed crying over nothing for over an hour. Then the doctor switched her meds to ritalin. That caused her to.have chest pains and stomach pains. It helped her though with het add for awhile but then it seem not to be effective, but she still had the pains so we took her slowly off the meds and shes doing fine in school, has her moments but there minor. I found in alot of cases meds are not the only answer and sometimes never the answer.
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