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slow learner or ADHD?

I have a 9 year old child with ADHD that was diagnosed 2 years ago.  He is not too hyper but very impulsive.  He is on medication and that seems to help him focus a little more in school.  He seems more immature than most of his classmates or even his younger sister who is 5.  There are certain everyday things that are just soooo difficult for him.  Like tying his shoes, brushing his teeth, putting things away where they go.  I can show him everyday, reteach him, and it's like he has never done it before in his life.  When he has a conversation with you it's hard to follow him at times.  Again my 5 year old has better grammer than him.  I know I shouldn't compare him to my 5 year old but he acts more like a 3 year old than 9.  Is this just part of having ADHD or is there something else?  I'm so frustrated with putting all my time into one child and not having time for the other three. So is this part of ADHD or is there something else possibly going on in his brain that we should focus on?
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It sounds more like your child has Functional Autism. It is best to take him to your pediatrician and have assessed for it so he can get help.
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Is it possible that he is a little "slow"? This is an expression we used many years ago for those who had a somewhat low IQ. Have you had him tested? If this is the case, he may not have ADD, but may be simply unable to compete successfully with those of his age. One of my nephews falls into this category. At first these children are hard to spot because their disability is not major.
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This doesn't sound like ADHD. Does he include these symptoms as well?
Talk fast
Doesn't want to go to sleep
When he sleeps is he staying in a dream stage too long
Are his dreams scary
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yes, this does not sounds like ADHD.  I wonder if going to see an OT for an eval wouldbe a good start.  HOw does he do with his schoolwork, what do his teachers say, etc?  I think you definitely need to get some evaluations.  Also talk to the pediatrician, but honestly this does not sound like adhd, just b/c someone is impulsive does not automatically mean they are adhd.
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