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I have a 5 year old with adhd she has issuses well her teacher said I need to control her how do u control adhd its not her falt I think they need to take 1 on 1 with adhd
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   Well, 5 year olds live pretty much in the here and now.  A child with ADHD lives completely in the immediate.  Thus, if you are not with them when they break the rules - there is very little that you can do.   Is this a new teacher - she should know this?
   What you can do is to find out what is driving the teacher nuts and work at home to change this behavior, by replacing it with another better behavior.  Its not easy, but it is possible - depending on what it is.  I can help with that if you give me some examples.
    You say your daughter has ADHD - so she has been professionally diagnosed?  If so a 504 plan will help protect her rights.   I highly suggest you get the book -  "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. (about 10 bucks on Amazon).  It has a great section on 504 plans.  Plus, it will answer and give you help on many of the questions you will have.  It also has a great section on succeeding in school.
   And, by the way, you are right - you don't control ADHD.  But you can learn how to channel it.  You can learn what is changeable and what is not.
    I assume your daughter is in kindergarten.  Is it an all day kindergarten?   Was she in preschool and was this where the ADHD was noted?
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Pre k was the same they don't won't to do 504 they suspended her cuz of adhd that really got me puzzled
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A 504 Plan would help your daughter in the classroom by providing accommodations specifically for her needs. Because each child is different, you and the school phycologist would assess what she needs ( based on her doctors recommendation after an assessment has been made to find where her areas of weakness are ) that would help her.  I have found that ADHD has many symptoms and changes as a child grows. The 504 Plan will need to be updated yearly and can help along with other treatments. Diet, vitamins, and a behavioral therapist can be most helpful. Patiences/understanding bunched in with a lot of love always helps.  Anyway that is my 2cents. All the best.
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   Page 74 -78 of Ashley's book explains how to force the school district to give your child a 504.  It shouldn't be very difficult to do.  As Deedeewife explains it will be very helpful for her.
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