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takeing vyvance durring pregnancy

I I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I have severe ADHD and I'm currently in school. I can't make it through my classes without having an anxiety attack unless I have my medication. Is it safe to continue to take?
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   Oh, this is gonna be a tough decision for you.  You may want to research our anxiety forum here to learn ways to deal with the anxiety.   Either way, exercise - the more the better - is something that you really want to start doing.
   To answer your question here are the results from several sites.  And please let me know if you have any more questions.
       (from -  http://www.chadd.org/Portals/0/AM/Images/Support/Ask%20The%20Expert/2009_Jan_Quinn.pdf)
      Patricia Quinn: Lori, I wish you all the best as you start your family. Your decision is a wise one. Stimulant medications are not recommended for use during pregnancy unless the risk to the mother outweighs the risk to the developing fetus. Antidepressants are another story, however. You really need to think about and discuss this carefully.
  Studies have shown that depression during pregnancy can cause serious problems both to the mother and developmentally for their offspring. If your depression is the result of having untreated ADHD and not a primary coexisting condition, you may be able to stop the antidepressant as well. I would ask about this.
    What to do instead? Well, many women report that the higher estrogen levels during pregnancy cause their symptoms to decrease significantly. In addition, I would suggest that you take as much time for yourself and simplify your life as much as possible.
Get plenty of exercise and try yoga and meditation. Both Yoga and TM (meditation have been shown to reduce symptoms in recent studies. I would also get a coach or someone else to help keep you on track
as much as possible. And try to enjoy the pregnancy and get rest...you will need it!!!

   "In conclusion, there are not enough data on use of stimulant medications in pregnancy to allow definitive conclusions about their reproductive safety. Available data for Amphetamines suggest no increase in the risk of malformation when used at therapeutic doses, while infants might have slightly lower birth weights.  Human data on Methylphenidate is limited and we cannot rule out the risk of malformation given the available information.   Alternative pharmacologic treatment options include tricyclic antidepressants, bupropion and clonidine; these drugs have more evidence to support their safety in pregnancy."  from - http://www.womensmentalhealth.org/posts/clinical-update-use-of-stimulant-medications-in-pregnancy/
    Also check out this site.  There are a lot of posts by women who are going through or have gone through what you are.  Some good personal information here.    http://www.additudemag.com/adhd/article/910.html

        Just found another link from the site mentioned above with good info  Check out
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