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vyvanse intuniv combo

My 11 yr old son has been taking 6 mg of Intuniv and 60 mg of Vyvanse daily for about 4 years.  This combo has successfully managed his ADHD.  He is on the smaller side height wise and we asked our Dr. about taking a med break this summer.  He agreed and said to discontinue the Vyvanse but continue the Intuniv which we did on Friday.  Since then my son has been constantly tired and ravenously hungry.  Although Vyvance should not create an addiction and therefore a withdrawl, is that what he is experiencing?  How long should we give it before I contact his Dr?
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  Is he having trouble sleeping at night?  And, yes you should let your doctor know what is going on.
  At what time is he taking the intuniv?
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No problems sleeping at night.  He takes the Intuniv first thing in the morning.
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     From reading this link from Dr. Parker - http://www.corepsych.com/2013/12/intuniv-for-adhd-details-updated/
      that since you have discontinued the V, that essentially the intuniv has pushed him "over the top"  
         "4. Top of the Therapeutic Window is determined by side effects on the forced dose study completed for FDA safety/efficacy approval – simply being soporific [sleepy] or fatigued – the two main adverse effects when the dose was pushed up [too] quickly for the study.

Read more: http://www.corepsych.com/2013/12/intuniv-for-adhd-details-updated/#ixzz36BlkejN2

    Do talk with your doctor.  It may be that cutting the intuniv dose down will solve the problem.   DO NOT suddenly stop the Intuiv.  
   Please do let me know what happens!
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