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Feed back if Anyone has ever taken this

i have been taking 1 mg 3 X's a day for the past 11 years....since I began treatment for My Opiate addiction and started on Methadone where i am currently at 20 mgs and tapering / detoxing off of it (NEVER did I surpass 40mg's by the way)

But since I began the Taper I have noticed I have had anxiety attacks last night I did not sleep but 1 hour? Which ***** so bad  I hate sleep deprevation it makes me feel as so nervous driving my son and his friends around.....

I really want to talk to my doctor about the posibility of changing my dose to ---The Extended Release Xanax I found in my Rx insurance book under "Covered RX'S"

I am SURE I have built up a tolerance after 11 years there is NO doubt about that...I just do not want to be in another boat and go thru my script each month and suffer WHEN I have the knowledge insurance and Understand HOW addicting Xanax CAN BE...LETME REPEAT MYSELF...I have NEVER ABUSE THIS DRUG...all the others such as my pain meds or Alcohol YES....But i followed the amount  to the T!!! for 11 years!!1

So I do NOT plan on detoxing or Tapering off of them so if that is anyones advice, please do not bother replying?? I am not trying to be RUDE Its just that I have HEARD it before.....MANY MANY TIMES....I was originally diagnosed with Severe Anxiety/panic attacks which lasted for 2 years. I was literally paralyzed with fear...I tried YOGO, Accupuncture, you name it....
I then started having SEVERE episodes which hindered me to go anywhere without knowing EXACTLY WHERE THE bathroom was....
Then I went to a Gastrointerologist who said the same thing "My anxiety is causeing the IBS"....so he suggested I just continue to follow my Dr.s advice and medication use becuz if I werern't already taking .5 mgs 4 x's day back in 2001 he would prescribe it for my  symptoms....
I maintained my healthy eating habits, stopped drinking alcohol as It was a stimulant for my IBS....

So I have NO PLANS On EVER living that life again....
Can anyone offer any advice if they have ever taken the Xanax ER???

Thanks in Advance,
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