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Thanks for helping me save my life..........

Some of you probably know that I lost my Mother recently after an extended illness that I was caregiver for - - over 14 months of 24/7 care and an incontinent and non-ambulatory patient.  It was rather taxing.  My Moms death seemed to bring a lifetime of issues to focus and fine tune the events for me.  I used narcotics as a chronic pain patient - and also to avoid facing the reality of wars, deaths, and medical procedures that I had been involved in. A few other events, but I dont want to bore you.

I have been clean 2 years now and I love it!  But I wouldnt have made it without the support from Forum Members.  I was walking that thin red line after Moms death - - it could easily have gone either way.  But I was able to think of the fine folks that I have met here - - - - And that made all the difference in the world!  Worried - - you know that you are my rock and I value your friendship so highly ............. Avisg, dominosarah - - 10536 - -  Gizzy - - So many people to thank .......  But I do thank every one of you - - - You all made the difference that tipped the scales in a positive manner for me - - - and thats really something.  I would call it lifesaving!  Thanks just doesnt do it justice......

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eagle, you are a great person and a help to so many. I pray that many good days are ahead of you, thanks for being here
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eagle......we are blessed to have you part of this family.  Stay strong and stay true to yourself my friend.........sara
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Eagle, your one hell of a man and we are lucky to have you here. Thanks for your encouraging words along the way. Congrats on all that clean time and TY for everything. Hope to see you posting more, hint hint:) Take care bro.
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Eagle you are one amazing person.I dont think I would have started this group if you had not said something about a year ago  about adding a recovery forum at the time I told you I would talk to med help and work on it .Well it took a year and its is a group instead of a forum but I think it works just as well . I almost like this better it a really nice cozy group of amazing people .You have helped so many members Thank you for being you !!!!
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Eagle you are such an asset to this place, your input is always so accurate and fair, I really look up to you.
Take care of yourself. sophie.
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