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anti depressant

Hi everyone,

I had used heroin for 7 years and nıw I'm clean for 1 year and I'm going through a deep depression. I stopped seeing my doctor and taking antidepressants for 7 months, I only attend to NA meetings and work the NA steps, I don't trust any of the doctors and medication, I have been hospitilized many times and NA has been the only place that I had stopped my using.
But now, I am in such a depression, nothing negative is really happening in my life but I have no willingness to do something, I just cry, feel a deep pain and sorrow, I got isolated, don't want to go to meetings, on't want to share, don't want to be in touch with life. I had seen a doctor last week and he suggested me to use anti depressant, but I think it will be again a way to escape how I feel, to change my mood, I really do not want to escape from my feelings anymore, but it is so hard to continue like this. Please help me with your comments on using anti depressant.
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I do not ever try to make any decisions in trying times...and for many the holidays can be just that....

I do not think there is anything wrong with ADs...some may argue....but I think at times we we need a jump start...and have seen many turn from a home bound depressed person into someone who is out living life again..I have a particular friend in mind as I type..I do not understand why she stops her AD...cos she really has no life without them...she is the type who stauys in the bed and becomes lethargic without them....dunno...peeps need insulin for diabetes///blood pressure meds for hypertension...why should the disease of depression be left untreated?  I can not see a reason..but if u do//that is ur right cos we r all different

If u have responded well to ADs in the past..then perhaps it is worth a shot...why not?   sometimes peeps have a problem finding the right AD that works for them depending on their area of depletion, the neurotransmitter that is lacking...as a rule they start most on an SSRI..I took an AD for 2 yers post divorce/it was a tricyclic but it worked for me as i have a misture of an anxiety ridden depression when I do get depressed//the type where I lose weight and can not sleep
My divorce was my first bout with depression...I tole the DR that if i could sleep I would not be depressed///he rebuffed and said the reason i couldnt sleep is cos i was depressed..had trouble accepting this explanation but just know I had missed work due to 3 nights with perhaps 3 hours of sleep...so I took the tricyclic he gave me...and i slept..and i started to feel better...in a few weeks...even a few nights sleeping made me feel better to be honest....lack of sleep does not help nuttin

After this 2 years I think I become situationally depressed..have taken an ssri and it only hypes me up and interrupts my sleep///i truly believe if u do not need an AD it will not have the same effect as if u truly need it..if u need it u will respond to it as a rule

For me, fighting taking an AD is a not super smart thing to do if I need one//specially when relapse could get me due to the depression..i would try it..but i am me and u r u...keep us posted

Holidays r hard sometimes....hang tight
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