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day 3 perc detox uuuggghhhh ?

when you guys were on day 3 did everything seem cloudy,empty, just here to exist? vision off,balance off, when does it return? weve slept ok,but took alot of melotin, abouut 15 mg each, does that stuff effect you the next morning? sorta like a hangover.. weve been thru enough with those darn percs we arent giving up! we know what evil is waiting around the corner,i dont think we have another recovery in us.. we feel like we are apart from each other right now and we know its because of the withdrawls, were still holding hands and getting each other thru this some inspiration or encouragement would really help with our questions. were not giving up we gotta beat this!!!
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dont give up im not and im only on day four....god bless and good luck...
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I'm on CT mode and today is my 7th day,don't give up dude. It's gonna b alright afterwards .
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