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postive thinking it works

I was having so many bad days so Avis gave me some tough love and asked me to write all the negatives down and i did after i started to write down the positives and did not realise i had so many i could not stop writing all the good positives down and that made me happy so if i wake tomorrow with negative thoughts i will think of all the positives has anybody else tell me how they change negative days into positive ones. I know i will still have bad days but hope to have more better days than bad any sugestions would be welcome the bit i loved getting of my chest was telling the forum only 90% of me wanted to stop that is why i had more bad days than good ones any sugestions would be welcome i want to go on were i left off  happy James
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A postative outlook on getting and staying clean can change feelings and outlook on recovery all together .If you have neavtie thoughts all of the time its going to make it really hard for you to stay clean. Recoveryis a majorly postive thing and I dont think  it would hurt if everyone would write a list of all of the postive things in your life clean as well as a list of the negatives of when you use post it somewhere that you can see it every day ...
It will help.
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staying in the moment...or returning to the moment, is what works for me at times...especially when i'm having a bad or negative day/thoughts... I bring myself to the moment at hand, the task in front of me and think about why I am grateful...my eyesight is always number one on my list.

also, i've put notes around my house in early (crack) recovery...positive thinking notes...on the bathroom mirror it said "you are beautiful" ... simple notes...and reminder notes ... "stay in the now", "there's no place like NOW"...etc.

i'm glad to see that you are still trying James, i've read alot of your posts...you are a very special human being and you are loved, simply because you exist! You are good.
remember that.
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So happy for you!!!
I struggle with depression, so it is quite hopeful knowing you have found a way to be positive, James!
You give a newbie like me hope!!
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