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ADHD or Vitamin B deficiencies ?

The doctor said that my son has been adhd and he took ritalin when he was 9 to 12 years old. Then the doctor changed to 18 mg concerta. Even the medication makes a progress to him, but he has a lot of exam at school, he needs a lot of sleep, so that he cannot study more for the next day exam. (he can sleep for the whole day). I asked the doctor, and the doctor gives him neurobion (the ingredients are 100 mg vitamin B1 mononitrate, 200 mg vitamin B6 hydrochloride, 200 mcg vitamin B12). The neurobion helps him, so that he can study for the next day.
In internet i also read that vitamin b deficiencies can show adhd symptom. So...is there anybody have the experience like my son ?
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Definatly they have a big impact on the symptoms and behavior children display and many are mis-diagnosed, A multiple vitamin-mineral supplement with antioxidants B Complex and Vitamin C has been shown in studies to have the same efficacy as Ritalin.Sound like your Doctor has a handle on it and you are doing a great job of checking it all out to benefit your son.
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Yes b vitamins have a huge effect on my ADHD.Check out GenerationRescue.
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