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Can an ADHD person have difficulties remembering the age of important past events?

It's about a friend (nothing romantic) I first met over a year ago and who was diagnosed with ADHD. We have quite a few common (special) interests, but live in different regions, so we mostly write each other and rarely meet. Last time we met several months ago he (in his 40s now) told me about his first depressions and a suicide attempt at age 16. Last week I wrote him about the recent suicide attempt of a relative and in his reply he mentioned his own suicide attempt again, but now said it was at age "18 or 19". I think there is a big difference between 16 and 18/19, so I wonder whether this can be a symptom of ADHD (poor memory) and he really doesn't remember well when exactly the event actually occurred, or whether he made the whole thing up and just didn't remember what age he had told me last time? And should I mention the inconsistency or just ignore it? If it's not his fault, I wouldn't want to embarrass him, but if it was a conscious lie, I'd much less appreciate...;-)
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I have ADD, I’m in my 40s and have short-term memory problems. However, I remember EVERY BAD THING IN MY LIFE.

40 is to old to lie. If it’s to painful he should be venting to his Psychiatrist not you. If he can’t physically talk to his doctor, tell him to email.

Start distancing yourself. You can still be empathetic, but you can be pulled down too.
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Go easy on him.  He may just be sharing bits. The depression may have been a period of his life and he was suicidal during that time frame.  And he may be trying to relate to you as he shares something very personal. And remember, someone who has full blown depression to the point of suicidal ideation may be thinking in a fuzzy way at that time. Years later, details may blend. Ignore that inconsistency. Be sensitive the topic.  That was so hard for him to go through and talking about it is a gift he gives you of trust to be sensitive.  And yes, adhd can also impact how he remembers things or answers you in the here and now.  
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