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Dealing with ADD.

My boyfriend just recently came out and told me that he does struggle from time to time with ADD. He is studying in University a PHD in Microbiology, he only has 2 years left of his scholarship. And admitted that he struggles at times to concentrate on his studies and from time to time takes ritalin. He told me that he dosent take it regularly, he only takes it when he needs to he said.

I have been worried about him for awhile becouse he doesnt look after himself, on occasion he does drink alot, i am wondering if taking ritalin would make him get drunk faster. And he often dosent get enough hours sleep. I have suggested on numerous occasions that he take something to help him sleep. But he is very stubborn and wont take my advice. How can i help him?

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if he has ADD he should be taking aderral not ritalin. Ritalin is for ADHD, that is supposed to calm him down so the person is not always hyper. Aderral should help with the concentration problems.
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  Both will help with concentration.  He probably has an old prescription he is still using.  It will not make him get drunk any faster.  Not getting enough sleep is pretty common for your age group.  What you can do is read up on ADHD so you understand what is happening.
  You might want to read the posts by Jane in this post _ http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/526278 -
as they both deal with adults in the academic field dealing with ADHD.
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