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Is there a doctor in colorado that will prescribe my adderrall again?

Is there a doctor in colorado that will prescribe my adderrall again? I’m a mess! My doctor after leaving my husband wanted to give me anti depression meds and I wanted to try and get away from using adderall ...I was fine but only for a bit ...as time went on ...I began to notice what it was that had gotten me into trouble as a child as well as through my twenties when I moved from ritil Ridellan omg my stupid phone lol to the adder all ...I’m a nut! Lol a happy happy nut lol. Anyways...my doctor has gone naturally mental on me and for the past three years I’ve been trying to get it back but she won’t! In these past couple years I’ve since received three major traffick tickets, missed every single appointment made except one and of those missed ...get so side tracked I literally forget to call to reschedule ! Yup ! Fml! Causing problems in my relationship too he thinks I don’t care and I know it’s rude to fidget but I do constantly ! Can’t hold my tongue!! I’m a mess can someone help?!
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That sounds frustrating.  I'd schedule with a new psychiatrist.  I'd be open t what they say. They may evaluate you again since it has been a long time.  If you have adhd/add, they may make a medication suggestion that may or may not be the drug you prefer or feel you have had luck on. New therapeutic options surface all the time.  They may decide the Adderall is fine. But I think doctors these days are always  a bit worried when a patient wants specifically one drug known to have some addiction components to it.  However, sounds like you have not taken it for some time and addiction wouldn't be the concern.  So, I think it is fair to start over. Your records will transfer but if your doctor is not planning on treating your add/adhd, then you should seek one that works better with you. You may not get your drug of choice back but treating the disorder of adhd is the important part and not just leaving you hanging.  If you have insurance, see what psychiatrists in your area could see you.  Where I live, mental health is taking some time to get in. Get yourself on a waiting list.  
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