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Is this a good combo to help me focus?

I have been on Pristiq 100mg for 3 months, Wellbutrin 150mg for 5 weeks and we added Strattera 40mg. Pristiq for PMDD, Wellbutrin for motivation and Strattera for focus.  Separately they help each thing only.  So was wondering if anyone else is on a combo like this and it’s helped.  And how long.  I seem to be anxious more lately before adding Strattera....hoping this helps it. No libido what so ever.  Female 47
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Ask to get genetic testing to find out how your liver processes medications. You’ll get a list of a ton of medications, not only psych, that is vital.

My life changed once I was properly diagnosed.

My sister FINALLY got her test 15 years after me. She refused. I’m a poor metabolizer and she’s a fast metabolizer. She’s FINALLY in a better place.

Also, if you ever go under anesthesia? They need to know. Pain meds? They need to know.

Some meds can kill me. Who knew.

I suggest everyone get genetic testing. If the doctor doesn’t know, tell him you want genetic testing to see how your liver processes meds.

Might even be home tests. Not sure.
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Very good point.  The way you metabolize can make a big difference.
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Strattera will take two to four weeks to work.  If this combo does not work for you, you might want to discuss with your doctor using a light stimulant medicine.    http://www.leeheymd.com/charts/adhd_1.html
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