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Strattera & ADHD

I am an over 35 Adult female with ADHD. I have been taking Strattera for several years. It wasn't until my aggressive behavior and anger was announced to me by my husband as being a problem that I sought help with counceling and with my primary care Doctor. The first thing my Doctor said to me was that Strattera was known to cause heightened aggression and mood swings. He also said that due to the fact that I am super-sensitive to any medication it could make it much worse. Is this possible? I didn't even realize that my behavior hadn't gotten that bad.
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I am a 46 yr. old female and realized 8 yrs. ago that I was a textbook case of an adult female with adhd.  At my husband's urging, I went to the doctor for meds.  He prescribed strattera and I didn't think it did anything for it but make me thirsty.  I went to another doctor and asked for adderall (since the first doctor would not prescribe anything else but strattera).  It works a lot better.  I take the minimal dose and find it works better than strattera.  I usually take a 5mg in the morning and another 5mg around 1pm.  I don't believe there is anything that is perfect though, but it definitely takes the edge off if you know what I mean.
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I am a 42 year old male. I can tell you it has been subtle suffering for years with ADHD. It's a miracle I have a college degree. The condition makes the individual appear to be inconsistent and self absorbed. I started taking serequel about 6 months ago because of a second in 3 years bout with depression. Feeling better after a few months I told my doctor that I still felt a little spacey. She prescribed adderall. People with ADHD like myself who take a stimulant like this get a reverse effect. I am now for the first time in 42 years able to stay on task without having to be ineracting with something like a guitar or golf clubs which I am highly accomplished in both. I use to alway have to be working with a tangible object to stay focused and sometimes that became difficult. Everyone in my family and also my friends can tell a difference. This medication is not for everyone but I can tell you it has been a blessing for me.

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