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Taking ADHD meds with no support

Hello everyone. I'm new to this website and usually never post anything on the internet bit I have got to a place where I need some advice.

I was diagnosed with ADHD 9/9 in March this year by a phsyciatrist at a harley street in London(remotley)
I tried stimulants dextroamphetamine and listamphetamin but they didn't agree with me. I was then prescribed atomoxetine. I took these for 4 weeks- start with 10mg then 20mg then 40mg and called my harley phsyciatrist as I was running out. Basically they messed up, made me run out and blocked my phone number. I spent all my spare money with them so decided not to give them anymore money as the service was awful and making me worse as I had to chase them up for medication everytime.
I went on the dark Web and found atomoxetine $200 for 500 and bupropion $100 for 500 which I ordered both. (They are branded and not counterfeits!)
Since I had been off atomoxetine for over a month I would of had to start the course again and the side effects were a bit bad so I decided to try bupropion.
I have been taking bupropion 300mg for 3 weeks now and do not feel anything except for a bit of ringing in my ear in the evenings and maybe I have slightly less trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
I have no one to talk to regarding taking this medication.  I'm just reading reviews on drugs.com and trying things that work for other people. I have told my gp that I'm taking this but he wont give me advice regarding it as he hasn't prescribed them to me. I did get my blood pressure checked though as I've read somewhere that this should be done with bupropion.
I have registered for a adhd assessment with NHS but will have to wait a year before I can see anyone.
I hate having to buy meds on the dark Web and would not advice anyone to do it but I'm stuck with no solution. I have a business with several employees that I'm really struggling to run because of my adhd.I have a girlfriend that helps me a lot with my business otherwise I would of had to close it down.   I'm 41 and my adhd has gone much worse since I hit 40.
Is there anyone on this forum that can help me and has expirience with these medications. I don't know how long I'm supposed to take bupropion before I should notice improvement or maybe I need to be on 450mg a day or maybe I should stop taking this bupropoin and go back on ataomoxetine. I just don't know. I don't even know what a normal mind is as I've had this all my life. I've never experienced calmness in my life ever.
I would greatly appreciate any advice/info or other people's experience taking non stimulants.
Thanks for reading
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I agree that while adjunctive, Wellbutrin is not typically a primary ADHD med. I used to take it years ago for mood which improved mood can be helpful but in and of itself did not change my ADHD symptoms. I’ve never taken atomexatine so not sure what form it comes in. I know with both vyvanse and adderall long acting, they are in capsule form. With those you can alter the dose just by opening the capsule and removing some. I bought a cheap microgram scale to do just that and it allows me to adjust the meds to my ideal dosage since what works for me is actually in between the standard doses it comes in. Maybe that’s an option for your med. I would read the literature to check. Both vyvanse and adderall say you can open the capsule as long as you don’t crush the beads. Hope that’s helpful.
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I am really sorry that you can't get the medical help you deserve.  Bupropion is an antidepressant and usually not a great deal of help for ADHD symptoms (except maybe for the depression caused by those symptoms).   Strattera or atomoxetine can be helpful for some people.  It is not as strong and unlike most stimulants it must be taken everyday and usually takes 3 weeks or so to show results. It tends to be used by people who cannot handle the side effects of the normal stimulant meds.   listamphetamine or Vyvannse is probably one of the gentlest meds as it can be sprinkled on foods.  I am wondering how it did not agree with you as there are really many ways the doseage can be changed.  It is also the longest lasting med.  Dextroamphetamine is a strong med and you should have started out with no more then a 10mg dose.
   Physical exercise can be very helpful for ADHD.  But a proper doctor who can guide you through the use of stimulant meds is probably going to be the most helpful.  Here is a good link to all the meds our there..  http://www.leeheymd.com/charts/adhd_1.html  ...I hope some of this helps.
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