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Tell tale signs of ADHD

I can honestly say I am a perfect model for someone with ADHD. I experiance, every single symptom, and have my entire life.

I have observed many differences from people without ADHD and myself. These differences can help you understand if you are struggling with the disorder or just loose focus sometimes.

First off, the most significant sign of ADHD, in me anyways, is caffiene.

I drink caffiene to go to sleep. It in no way gives me energy of any sort. This symptom has been described by people with ADHD a thousand times over.

Also, when taking MOST ADHD medication, someone with the disorder will get a calming affect and feel focused. I have watched many people try and take my medication(People without the disorder) and get a complete opposite affect. Jittery, tons of energy,chest pains and even psychotic episodes.

My third symptom I experiance that is different from non ADHD sufferers is multi-taskin. For instance, I NEVER in my life could do 2 things at once (without ADHD medication). Talking on the phone and driving is impossible as well as listening to music while trying to accomplish something that involves thinking.

Also, I use smoking to treat ADHD. (Subconsiously). When I quit smoking, I bounce off the walls like a rubber ball and cannot sit still for 1 minute. Very EXTREME leg jittering, things of this nature can be a sign as well.

just wanted to share this info for any parents etc that are curious of a doctors diagnoses. Most doctors I see about this disorder, know less than I do even about it.

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   Here is a pretty good link to psychiatrists in Plymouth.  
    Give them a call and ask if they specialize in ADHD.  I would think even one who specializes in kids with ADHD would be better than one without that experience.
    I can also recommend several good sites with info on ADHD if you are interested.  Best wishes.
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I got diagnosed in my twenties as childhood psychotic, then came schizophrenia, then Schizo-affective, then manic depression, now hypomanic.

Question: I have been having all my symptoms since 2nd grade. Could not sit still, shut up, constant thoughts racing, daydreaming, no focus or concentration, but I like the constant movement. Others don't. Been on over 30-40 psych meds.  I only have felt calmer when on Strattera. I keep begging to be put on it but I guess a mental patient shouldn't know about their symptoms nor how they feel. Do they have testing for adult ADHD? Where? Live in Plymouth, MA
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Ok, don't follow the multi-tasking comment....I've been dianosed twice with ADHD at two different hospitals. I can multi-task better than anyone i know. The more thats going on, the better i work. It's the focusing on one particular thing thats a problem. Other small "symptoms" of ADHD that I know of that I do: cant listen to the same song or watch the same show for longer than a minute before turning it. Always interrupting with questions, bad about biting nails, constantly checking out anything that moves, have gotten 8 speeding tickets because while driving I'm observing everything else except my speedometer-and a MUCH better driver when going faster. Also, I quit cigarettes cold turkey with no withdrawals-because when i smoke, i was just as energetic than when i quit-it was no difference. Another thing is the constant foot shaking or finger tapping. And sleeping is hard because of the 1000's of thoughts in an ADHD persons head.Just saying-there are alot of things than people think are ADHD and are wrong....
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thank you my son is going to be 5 soon and has adhd i dont want to put him on med but after your note i think i well try it  thank you he does the same things
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Thanks for posting the bit about caffeine.  I found it very interesting as my husband was diagnosed with adhd 3 months ago and he has no problem sucking back a huge latte with a double shot of expresso and then falling asleep like a baby.
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Good info.
I think im going to take doctors advice and try to tapper of coffee.
Its my only bad habit.
How are you today?
May I add you as a friend
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