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hydrocodone for ADHD

i have been diagnosed with ADhd but don't get treatment. I have asthma so I am on meds that aready make me shakey, and I have little annoying heart flutters that get worse with"speed" type meds. The heart flutters have been addressed and it isn't a real health issue. I am on low doses of valium 2 mg a day when needed, usually only use it at night to try to sleep. I was on Hydrocode for a while due to a health issue. I did not have problems with taking it for a few days then stopping etc. I found when I just take 1/2 a 5/500? I can sit and do paperwork, etc. I have done this off an on now for awhiel. I can do maybe 1 hr with out it and I just seem to make more of a mess. At almost 50. it is interesting that I can focus, even if it is with a drug. I also don't drink at all. Due to others issues we can't have alcohol in the house or a bad example. It is explainable as to why I can do this with the medication or is just a figment of my imagination?

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Thank's for your response. I was starting to think I was just imaginning it.

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Hi Tiger64 -

I've been prescribed Vicodin (Hydrocodne 5/500) to deal with chronic pain and have ADD as well. Like you said, just 1/2 of it helps me to slow down, do paperwork, or pay the bills.

It's weird how things work....I'm also on Vyvanse 20mg, no side effects from that one.
You could try that - see if it helps
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